Case status: Open
Case date: Jul 13, 2019
Location: Hanover, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #829 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

CPRI was asked to support a public event with Transcend Paranormal at [REDACTED] on 7/13/19. In performing this role, we setup static equipment in the [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. We also setup two HQs to better handle the surveillance, one in the [REDACTED] [REDACTED] and one in the [REDACTED] across [REDACTED] from the [REDACTED]. The team, consisting of Brad Bradley, Jack Trammel, Kenny Newsome, his son, Tommy Amos, his daughter, Davis Phaup, his wife and daughter, split into two sub teams, each manning a different HQ. These switched half way through the event.

DVR cameras were placed throughout all three buildings.

Audio recorders were placed in the [REDACTED] (near [REDACTED] area) and on both floors of the [REDACTED]. Audio recorders were also placed in the foyer, [REDACTED] Room, Stage and 2nd floor hallway of the [REDACTED].

Geiger Counters were placed in the [REDACTED] room, stage, 2nd floor hallway and parlor of the [REDACTED]. A tablet datalogger (mag field, vibration, light) was placed on the stage. A phone datalogger (mag field, vibration, light, environment) was placed on the second floor of the [REDACTED]. A magnetic field experiment (DR05 with two magnetometers) was placed on the second floor of the [REDACTED].

Report #830 – Personal Observations by Tommy Amos

On July 13th, 2019, I participated in the [REDACTED] support project. During this time, I assisted with installing cameras in the [REDACTED] house and [REDACTED]. I also set up my own environmental data monitoring, EVP and magnetometer in the upper floor of the [REDACTED], near the stair landing. During the public investigation by Transcend Paranormal, I monitored the [REDACTED] cameras and audio from the [REDACTED] house during the first have of the evening. During the second half of the evening, I monitored the [REDACTED] house and [REDACTED] cameras from the [REDACTED] house.

During my time monitoring the cameras, the second half seem the most productive. Notable items of interest were light anomalies which could not be readily explained. Periodically, a light anomaly could be seen near the front of the [REDACTED] as viewed from an exterior camera near the back of the [REDACTED] house which was aimed toward the [REDACTED]. I believe this anomaly was due to at least one road sign which would reflect automobile headlights as they passed the [REDACTED]. Two other light anomalies were not readily explainable.

I witnessed a light anomaly within an adjoining room of the [REDACTED] house which appeared to form on the table within the room. When I went to investigate, no source for the light could be identified. The video camera footage will need to be reviewed.

I witnessed a pulsing light anomaly near the back of the [REDACTED] exterior. The light would usually flash twice. The pulses were very short duration. Brad and Kenny went to watch from the exterior of the [REDACTED] house but the light didn’t show during the time they spent observing. Due to the pattern of the flashes, I don’t believe this was due to an animal eyes reflecting the IR. The short duration flashes were consistent and sometimes only blinked once. This consistency of the short duration flash doesn’t fit well with animal behavior. Additionally, I don’t believe it was due to fire flies. This is because the flashes repeated from the same location over a long period of time. In my experience, fire flies do not stay stationary for that long.

One final visual anomaly worth noting was an apparent shadow in the upper floor of the [REDACTED]. The corner at which the monitoring camera was pointed may have been briefly obstructed by a shadow. The recorded camera footage will need to be reviewed in order to prove or rule out this observation. It was getting late into the evening when this was observed and may have been an optical illusion.

It was a pleasure to assist Transcend Paranormal with this event. I believe that valuable data was collected during this event. I find this location to be intriguing and worthy of additional study if permitted to return. The staff at [REDACTED] were cordial and pleasant. Venues of this caliber are far and few in between. I also appreciate the commitment management has to allow this site to be used for research and public education. I wish other historical sites would take notice and open their doors to us as [REDACTED] has done.

Report #834 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Olympus, 2nd floor hallway outside [REDACTED]
WS710204.mp3 (start 6:45:00pm, end 1:10:09am)
4:38:32 (11:24pm) – squeak and voice
4:40:25 (11:26pm) – voice?

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