I’m scared…

We understand. Whether your home or business is actually haunted or not, the effect is the same for most people. You are scared! We want to help you understand what is happening. Request our assistance.

How much will this cost?

We do this as a service within the communities that we cover. This is a part of our commitment to educate people on the facts about paranormal activity. There are costs that we incur in order to visit you and look for clues that will help us determine what may be happening. All of our members are volunteers and are willing to assist you without passing those costs on to you in most situations. If there is ever a cost for our service, we will make the amount clear and have a firm understanding why there is a cost before we visit. We have been doing this over two decades and have not charged a fee for our service thus far.

What will CPRI do?

We will start by doing a thorough site survey. We will acquire statements from those involved or victims to the paranormal activity. We may record data, such as audio, video, and environmental, during our initial visit. We will look over this information and discuss it with you. We may request to do a more thorough survey that could last hours, days, or weeks…but usually just hours. Then, we will once again discuss our findings with you. We will give you the same service and respect that we would expect for ourselves. We may provide recommendations for you to consider as you move forward. Simply put, we use scientifically accepted processes to determine if there are things happening which we cannot reasonably explain.

What will CPRI NOT do?

We will not hang dead chickens from your doors. In all seriousness, we do not provide services that claim to alleviate the problems that we detect. Remember, many times we find mundane reasons that we can easily explain. High EMF is known to cause people to see “ghosts” or experience other paranormal activity. And, this is often easily resolved. Sometimes, we may recommend that you consider contacting people that claim to have their own gifts for resolving some situations. However, there is no way to scientifically verify their claims. And, we do not accept any responsibility for anything outside of our direct participation. Ultimately, the fix is totally your choice and responsibility.

How does CPRI benefit?

We obtain data from your home or business. This data helps us further our research. The more research we do, the better prepared we will be to assist the next person. You give us the opportunity to learn from your situation. We thank you for that. We appreciate the data your case provides.

Can I make a donation?

We have no preexisting expectations of receiving a donation for our service.  If you feel that you want to show your appreciation of the service we provided, you can make a donation. Your donation will help us to continue our research. The more research we do, the better we can understand the activity that is considered to be paranormal. It is through your support that we can move paranormal into the perinormal*.