Case status: Open
Case date: Jan 26, 2019
Location: St Albans, WV
Identity: Public
Site classification: Business

Report #826 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED], St Albans, WV 25177

[REDACTED] had indicated that the [REDACTED] (formerly the [REDACTED] built in 1938) was experiencing some paranormal activity including apparitions and moving objects. Staff indicated that she had heard footsteps and other movement sounds when no one was there and shared a pic of an apparition behind someone [REDACTED] on stage (pic in primary data repository). She also indicated that a doorstop with a brick inside of it was thrown about 20 feet from stage left to the center of the stage when no one was around it. This was witnessed by 5 people. After the preliminary survey in December 2018, it was decided to perform a full research project at the site on 7/6/19. Team consisting of Brad Bradley, Robert McCullough, Kenny Newsome, Amanda Phaup, Amanda Patterson, Mike and Helene Magner and Krissy Vannoy collected data using various forms of instrumentation throughout the night. Equipment used is listed in the equipment setup log in the primary data repository.

During the project timeframe, voices and other noises were detected audibly as well as a figure detected by video on stage right, near the back of the stage.

Report #827 – Initial Post by Mike Magner

Mike’s Personal Log

I arrived onsite with Helene Hannan at 3:10pm on 6 July to join the rest of the group. Set up began shortly thereafter. I deployed my 4 cameras, 4 HT data loggers, 6 digital clocks and 1 DRO5 at various locations throughout the building to complement the equipment that was set up by others. See Set Up logs for specifics on where these items were placed.

Using my TriField Meter, Helene and I took measurements of Magnetic Field and Electric Field at various locations throughout the building. Results of the sweep are recorded in the Event Log. Of note, very high magnetic field was detected (up to 100 Milligauss) in a few places in the [REDACTED] room. The Utility area on the Eastern side of the [REDACTED] area had the highest readings in Magnetic Field – peaking at 100 Milligauss. We found these results interesting because apparently one of the [REDACTED] workers reporting experiencing high levels of anxiety in this particular part of the building. It has reported in other places that high EMF can cause anxiety in people who are “sensitive” to electromagnetic fields.

As for personal experiences during the course of the experiment, I did not have any specific experiences that I would report as conclusive evidence of anything. However, there were moments when I thought I saw dark shadows move quickly in the corner of my eye – in the periphery of my vision. However, each time that I turned to look in the direction where I saw movement, there was nothing out of the ordinary. A few other times, I felt the “creepy feeling,” but nothing that could not be ruled out as imagination or power of suggestion type stuff.

While monitoring the video and audio station at HQs I thought I heard a few things and thought I saw a few things on the cameras. I recorded them in the event log. A thorough review of the video and audio footage should be able to make a determination if there was anything significant or not.

While I was on stage, on the Western side, kneeling down to download data off one of the HT sensors and get it set back up to record more data, I heard Brad and Robert talking very quietly. They were up in the [REDACTED] Room on the Second Floor. However, there voices seemed to be coming from behind me on the stage. This suggests that the stage is able to bounce sound back in a way that was unexpected. This could account for people who are on stage hearing voices and noises that seem to be coming from behind them when no one is really on the stage with them. The noises could simply be occurring elsewhere in the building, but sound like they are coming from the back of the stage, do to the echo effect. This is not proof, just a suggestion that might explain some experiences that people have.

The HT data did not reveal anything, except that the building’s AC works very well. The Time experiment with the digital clocks again came out negative. Other data is still waiting to be reviewed at this time.

Report #831 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Geiger Counters:
Front Stairway, first landing
6:46pm – 47cpm spike (average=26)

Projection Room, back room
6:20pm – 44cpm spike (average=25)
11:09pm – 44cpm spike (average=25)

No other anomalous radiation spikes detected.

No anomalies detected with tablet datalogger on front stairs, first landing (light, mag field, vibration).

No anomalies detected with phone datalogger on stage right (light, mag field, vibration).

Report #832 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05, Center Front Stage
190706_254.wav (start 4:10:30pm, end 7:33:18pm)
1:48:31 (5:59pm) – loud click
1:49:39 (6:00pm) – light floor board squeak (step?)

190706_255.wav (start 7:33:18pm, end 10:56:06pm)
5:56 (7:39pm) – moan and voice?
6:41 (7:40pm) – voice?
2:02:17 (9:35pm) – thump from stage left. Heard by team.

190706_256.wav (start 10:56:06pm, end 12:57:17am)
27:03 (11:23pm) – voice as Brad was moving on stage.
27:42 (11:24pm) – voice from spotlight area at front of house while Brad was walking on stage. Heard by team.
40:33 (11:37pm) – sigh

Report #833 – Personal Report by Amanda Patterson

I participated in the research and investigation of the [REDACTED] in West Virginia on July 6, 2019. I came with fellow member Amanda Phaup (Amanda #1). Once arrived and car un-loaded Amanda #1 and I went inside to look around. There was an “un-easiness” going up the back steps towards the [REDACTED] room. Once inside the [REDACTED] room, if facing towards the stage the back rear left corner again had an “un-easy” feeling. I personally did not like this space. It is interesting because of what was later found out about that corner and area behind the wall that could explain this. We came back to the group, and leader Brad took the group on a tour and breakdown of past experiences and plans for set-up (Amanda #1 stayed out to watch equipment). During this time it was found out when we went into the back space behind the [REDACTED] room there were wires, cords and electrical equipment throughout. And in the back-corner area where one of the workers (or owner, I am not sure) feels un-easy and being “watched” EMF levels were 100%. Making this area like a “fear-cage,” It was right on the other-side of the wall where I felt un-easy helping to explain this as a possibility.

After set-up was complete the team left for dinner. Amanda #1 and I stayed behind to watch equipment, camera’s, and microphone. During this time not much was seen on Kenny’s camera’s due to glare and brightness. Mike’s cameras were clear but nothing abnormal witnessed. Over the microphone a few clicks, or knocks heard but nothing major. When the team arrived back, we left for dinner. Once back it wasn’t long before the first group went in to look around. Brad, Amanda #1, (Brad’s friend investigator, sorry I can’t remember his name), and I went inside. We stayed around the stage area and seats. During this time while just talking amongst each other I heard a loud knock coming from the back-dressing room. I believe it was heard over the microphone as well. At another point I heard a “shuffling” coming from the upstairs [REDACTED] room, Brad appeared to have heard this too.

As the night continued and another team went in at one point the camera on the stage facing towards the back area where the [REDACTED] and bathrooms were, I noticed some sort of “light play” over the female bathroom door. I wrote it down on the log. A few minutes later other team members reported they were seeing a light around that area as well.

The only other thing of note was during clean up and breakdown when I got my Tas-Cam the batteries were completely dead. This is a brand new never used Tas-Cam with brand new lithium batteries. I would have hoped it would have had more life to it. It was placed in that back “fear-cage” area only for about three hours.

These were the only things I thought of note to record for the group. As of 7/15/2019 I am still reviewing my Tas-Cam. Thanks!

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