Case status: Open
Case date: Jun 8, 2019
Location: Beaverdam, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #812 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED], Beaverdam, VA 23015 [REDACTED]

Based on results from our previous project there, CPRI requested permission to perform research at [REDACTED]. Permission was granted and the date of 11/10/18 was scheduled.

HQ was in the [REDACTED].

16 DVR cameras were placed in the main house. 1 was placed in the restored kitchen building, 1 was placed on the 2nd floor of the [REDACTED] building and 1 was placed outside facing the kitchen and main house.

DR05 audio recorders were placed in the kitchen, on the back porch of the main house and inside the 1st floor hall, near the back door and door leading to the basement. Another DR05 was used as a mobile recorder during excursions into the main house. An Olympus recorder was placed in the attic and in the basement.

For dataloggers, a Geiger Counter was placed in the Kitchen, [REDACTED] room and attic. A tablet (light, vibration, mag field) was placed in the [REDACTED] room. EMF, Temp, Humidity dataloggers were placed in the attic, a dual magnetometer magnetic field experiment using a DR05 was placed in the kitchen.

Report #813 – Personal Report by Brad Bradley

After setup, we experienced some odd noises being picked up by our audio on the main house. All of a sudden there was a loud bang from the house. Tommy, Courtney and I went into the house to investigate, finding nothing amiss. Upon moving from the [REDACTED] room into the main hall on the first floor, I witnessed the door leading to the basement closing hard enough to create a bang similar to what we had picked up earlier. Since the door was not closed all the way due to cable runs through that space, it could be that HVAC might have caused the door to open and then close. We did find that the door would close on its own if it was pushed ajar about 8 inches. However, it would not create a loud bang at that distance and the door was not left ajar previously. Also, the HVAC cycled on and off periodically throughout the night and this did not happen again. This is currently unexplained.

Report #814 – Video Analysis by Brad Bradley

Camera 14 – door in 1st hall to downstairs (start 6:47:02pm, end 6:55:25pm)

1:56 (6:49pm) – door opens ~4 inches (46 seconds), then shuts.
7:09 (6:55pm) – door opens ~6 inches (9 seconds), then shuts. Viewed by team member near door.

Camera 11 – area underneath door to downstairs, same time frame as Camera 14. Nothing unusual detected.

Report #815 – Initial Post by Jack Trammell

My primary equipment consisted of 4 cameras covering basement entrance, the yard, the kitchen, and the entrance. My data logging station was in the attic. There were no significant ENV events, although minor temperature fluctuations were of note. There were EMF fluctuations which are still being analyzed. Experiences included me being touched and having my hair pulled in basement around 530 pm, and a door opening and closing early in the evening.

Report #816 – Personal Report by Erin Kirby

I arrived onsite at 3 PM. Shortly after setup was completed, when everyone was in HQ held in a separate building, we heard a loud slam ring out through the speakers, that was later determined to be the basement door opening and shutting, seemingly on its own. A large amount of the activity afterwards seemed centralized to the kitchen building, which had numerous sounds throughout the evening. Additionally we anecdotally noticed high levels on the geiger counter that was situated in the kitchen. There were a few visual anomalies, concentrated on Jack’s cameras that I noted in the log while I was tasked with scribing the observed events during the evening.

I took numerous photos during setup and a few after that were identified as having the potential to show change. They were a group of blocks, some playing cards on the floor, and a set of indentations on one of the beds. None of them appeared to show any change. All images can be found in the shared album attached via the “Outside Link”.

Report #817 – Personal Report by Rhonda Ritzel

On 8 Jun 19, at the request [REDACTED], CPRI was invited to conduct a research project of [REDACTED], VA. CPRI has conducted research projects at this location before, but this was the first time for me.

I arrived at 3:40 PM, Brad Bradley was already there and was talking with our host [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] gave some background on the house and related where some of the “hot spots” are. We waited until all of the CPRI researchers to arrive and once we all were present, we were given a tour of the site by [REDACTED].

We started off at the main house and we went into the basement where [REDACTED] proceeded to related the story of this was where [REDACTED] was kept due to mental illness. Before she related the story and upon entering the basement, I got a severe headache and I thought I was going to vomit. This was an indicator that there was/were a presence(s) in the basement. Upon leaving the basement I started to feel better. When outside, I asked Jack if anything occurred to him and he said he felt his hair being pulled. We proceeded with the rest of the tour of the main house upstairs and then we went to the kitchen. In these locations nothing else happened to me.

During the set up the equipment and the headquarters, I noticed nothing of significance. While still in the set up phase, there were two instances of the basement door to the main entrance hallway opening and closing and there was a female voice heard after Brad, Courtney and Tommy left the building. We thought it was Courtney, but we learned it was not. At headquarters, we logged it in. We stopped to get dinner and returned to eat it. At approximately 8:13 PM, the “formal” part of the investigation began.

I spent time at headquarters looking primarily at the cameras in the kitchen and listening to the audio. We heard several bangs/thumps coming out of the kitchen; however, nothing of note was observed on the camera. Lots of dust and bugs were captured. I briefly looked at the cameras in the main house, but noticed nothing of significance.

During the evening, I did go into the kitchen with Brad, Tommy and Courtney to see if there was anything going on, but nothing occurred when we were in there.

The second time I left HQs, I went in to the main house with Tommy, Lesley, [REDACTED] and Tommy. [REDACTED] related to us that at times when she and other [REDACTED] give [REDACTED] the lights on the side board in the main dining room go on and that once you leave the dining room and proceed to the family/play room the door closes. As an experiment, we decided to [REDACTED], our [REDACTED]. This was an attempt to see if we could re-create these [REDACTED] experiences. [REDACTED]. When we got into the dining room, I felt something touch my left arm. [REDACTED]. When we left the dining room the lights did not go on nor did the door did not close. However, [REDACTED] related that when she was in the dining room she was starting to get nauseated and it continued when we were in the play room. When she left this room she started to feel better.

Upon our return, I continued to monitor the cameras and recorders in headquarters until we ended the event.

While tearing down and packing up the equipment I noticed nothing unusual. Everything appeared to be normal.

Analog: This was a very interesting investigation and our hosts were very professional and welcoming. I hoped we captured some evidence we can share with [REDACTED] and her team.

Report #818 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05, 1st floor hall, beside basement door. 190608_0251.wav (start 5:20:00pm, end 8:42:48pm)
1:29:34 (6:49pm) – basement door opens and then closes 42 seconds later. No one in the house.
1:35:01 (6:55pm) – basement door closes. Seen by team.

190608_252.wav (start 8:42:48pm, end 12:05:36am)
8:24 (8:51pm) – voice?
26:32 (9:09pm) – voice? Team inside did not hear it.
27:41 (9:11pm) – music? Team inside did not hear it.
33:08 (9:16pm) – light squeak? Team inside did not hear it.

190608_253.wav (start 12:05:36am, end 12:43:07am)
18:59 (12:24am) – door squeak heard by team. Audible behind conversation.

Olympus, Attic
VN620124.wma (start 5:21:00pm, end 1:09:56am)
2:58:35 (8:29pm) – voice
3:13:37 (8:34pm) – knock
3:17:32 (8:38pm) – movement
3:18:00 (8:39pm) – voice and footsteps (downstairs?)

Olympus, Basement near steps up to basement door in main house.
WS710203.mp3 (start 5:15:00pm, end 1:08:16am)

Tablet, main house, first floor west bedroom rec_20190609-0106.wav (start 5:50:00pm, end 1:06:45am)
2:15:32 (8:05pm) – knock
4:37:18 (10:27pm) – double knock

Report #819 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Jack’s EMF/ENV data, main house attic (start 5:40pm).
8:18pm until 8:43pm – unexplained spikes in EMF, 5-8mV on datalogger scale.
9:16pm – unexplained spike in EMF, 5mV on datalogger scale.

Tablet (light, mag field, vibration), main house [REDACTED] (start 5:50:28pm).
Nothing anomalous detected.

Geiger Counters
Brad (in attic) – nothing anomalous reported.
Kenny 1 – [REDACTED] – 37cpm spike (average=23cpm)
Kenny 2 – Kitchen – 47cpm spike (average=24cpm)

Report #835 – Personal Observations and Data Analysis by Tommy Amos

July 22, 2019

I participated in the investigation of [REDACTED] on 06/08/19. My area of focus for this investigation was the kitchen. I set up environment, magnetic field, and audio monitoring equipment. I utilized a Samsung Galaxy 4 and an app to collect environment data from the internal sensors on the cell phone. I used two Tascam DR-05 audio recorders to collect magnetic field and audio data.

My daughter, Courtney, assisted me with setting up the equipment in the kitchen. The equipment was placed in the center of the kitchen floor on the ground level. The equipment remained in this location for the entire duration of the investigation. Late into the investigation, the audio recorder ran out of storage space. At that time, the recorder for the magnetic field data was reassigned to audio recording and monitoring. No additional magnetic field data was recorded after audio record reassignment.

After completing the kitchen setup, Courtney and I met Brad on our way back to base. Brad said a loud sound was heard in the main house and was concerned something had fallen. We went with Brad into the main house to determine the cause of the loud sound. We were not able to find anything out of place in the house. However, I was near Brad when he witnessed the basement door, in the main foyer, open and slam closed on its own. Both Courtney and I heard the door slam shut. Brad and I investigated the door and could not account for it opening and closing on its own. Additionally, we noted that the door sticks at the near closed position and it takes a notable force to move beyond the sticking point. I believe the amount of resistance of the sticking point prevents normal air currents from opening and closing the door.

A couple other events that happened that were not readily explainable were the following. When we left the house after investigating the crash, Courtney and I heard what sounded like a woman’s voice to our right. This was toward the same side of the house as where the kitchen is located. The other one occurred as I opened the bathroom door to exit. I distinctly heard a vocalization that sounded like it came from a woman. Maybe similar to being surprised.

After the investigation, I reviewed my data in connection with my ongoing study of magnetic fields that may be related to paranormal events. This study is still in its infancy and is not yet ready for any detailed elaborations. I will, however, discuss some interesting observations of the data collected on this investigation.

For my data analysis, I used RStudio for its fast, massive data querying, quantifying, and graphing abilities. I extracted graphs for each variable of environmental data I collected. I extracted 30 second subsets of the data in correlation to audio events (EVPs as noted on the data sheet) that were recorded. This allowed me to view the three planes of the magnetic field 15 seconds prior and post of the the audio event. These data subsets have filenames that start with “Review-” followed by a number. Each of the audio events were given a chronological sequential number for reference purposes.

Along with this, I submitted a subset of the environmental data that was based on single entries of the event log, audio events, and magnetic field hits recorded by the magnetometers. This data subset was modified to include a calculated column of data that showed the “time to next” event for the log, audio events and magnetic fields. This allowed me to look for close relations of perceived or recorded events relative to time. This data subset is called, “Notes-All-Mags-EVPs-LogEntries.csv”.

The graphs of each type of environmental data throughout the entire recording session did not show anything that stood out (exceeded 2 sigma deviation) from the norm. Due to the high likelihood of certain recorded audio events not being able to be explained, I suspect that any environmental fluctuation will be slight and insignificant overall. That led to the extractions of audio event data subsets. This allowed me to look for small fluctuations that may exist in relation to unexplainable events.

While at first glance the audio event subset graphs appear intriguing, I resist the temptation to begin elaborating on any single event or all the events as a whole. I encourage the reader to review the data I have submitted. The audio file provided with most of the review segments may require a good set of muff style headphones, with a wide dynamic range, in order to hear the audio event.

There are two review items that I do need to mention. The first is a set of three reviews. Review-104, Review-106, and Review-108, which occurred while the [REDACTED] was here. In Review-108, it seems that the environmental logger may had detected the [REDACTED] getting into the truck and starting it. The second is a set of two reviews. Review-1 and Review-207 seem to have captured the same vocalization. The vocalization in Review-207 has been scrutinized by Brad Bradley and thus far cannot be accounted for by any team members, or guests, present during the investigation.

The data reviewed in this report can be found at the following link. Link: [REDACTED]

Tommy Amos

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