Case status: Open
Case date: Apr 13, 2019
Location: Charles City, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Historic

Report #798 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

Charles City, VA 23030


Reports of apparitions and moved items, mostly, with very few reports of noises.

CPRI was given the opportunity to setup static equipment, leaving it overnight on 4/13/19 and picking it up the next day.

Jack’s DVR with 8 cameras was used in the 1st and 2nd floor of the main house. Brad’s DVR with 4 cameras was used in the basement. A DR05 was placed in the basement and the 1st floor hallway. A tablet with recorder and sensors (vibration, light, magnetic field) was placed on the 2nd floor hallway. A second DR05 was placed in the NE bedroom on the 2nd floor. A game cam was placed outside the North door for security. Environmental and EMF sensors were placed in the 1st floor hallway along with a Geiger counter. A sensor block (T, H, BP, UV Light) and Geiger counter was placed in the second floor hallway. Another Geiger counter was placed in the basement near the DR05. Surveillance began ~7pm and ended ~9am the next day.

Report #800 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet on 2nd floor hallway just outside SW bedroom where lightning killed family members.
rec_20190414-858.wav (start 6:12:00pm, end 8:57:39am)
2:53:54 (9:05pm) – Movement
6:08:36 (12:20am) – Bang
6:30:10 (12:42am) – Loud Bang
12:07:46 (6:18am) – Voice other than birds.
14:06:19 (8:17am) – knock

Olympus, 1st floor west building. VN620123.wma (start 6:48pm, end )
8:44:56 (3:32am) – pop

Olympus, 1st floor east building WS710202.mp3 (start 6:44:00pm, end )
2:23:38 (9:07pm) – bang

DR05, basement
190413_0243.wav (start 5:51:30pm, end 9:14:18)
1:40:16 (7:31pm) – movement above. Basement has stone floors, so any wood sounds must be coming from above or steps.
2:01:45 (7:53pm) – odd, low pitched noises
2:25:36 (8:18pm) – hollow knock
3:06:31 (8:57pm) – voice
190413_0244.wav (start 9:14:18pm, end 12:37:06am)
20:40 (9:34pm) – movement
1:02:23 (10:16pm) – bang
2:30:52 (11:45pm) – two metallic “tinks”
190413_0245.wav (start 12:37:06am, end 3:59:54am)
3:00:13 (3:37am) – loud bang

Report #801 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet, 2nd floor just outside SW bedroom. Magnetometer – Periodic shifts on all three axes that seem to coincide with electronic pops on the tablet voice recorder.
No other anomalies were detected.

Sensor Block, 2nd floor just outside SW bedroom.
No anomalies detected.

Geiger Counters in basement and on 1st and 2nd floors next to other dataloggers.
No anomalies detected.

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