Case status: Open
Case date: Apr 6, 2019
Location: Washington, DC
Identity: Private
Site classification: Residence


Report #797 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

CPRI was asked to support Transcend Paranormal in a project to introduce deaf students at [REDACTED] to paranormal research. CPRI Provided scientific and logistical support for the event on 4/6/19. Data is to be kept confidential and only shared with [REDACTED] and Transcend. The CPRI team consisted of Brad Bradley, Jack Trammel, Kenny Newsome and Rhonda Ritzel.

HQ was setup on the large patio outside the building. Kenny’s 16 DVR cameras were placed throughout the building and monitored via ethernet. 2 DR05s, tablet and 2 Olympus recorders were placed throughout the building. One of the DR05s on the 1st floor was used as a live monitor at HQ. That DR05 was monitored using an analog audio cable. Two sets of speakers were used, one having visual water dance capability for the students. PASCO and geiger counter was placed on the 1st floor, geiger counter was placed in basement, sensor block, tablet and geiger counter were placed on 2nd floor and EMF, Temp, Hum sensors and geiger counter were placed on 3rd floor.

The only room we didn’t have access to was the [REDACTED].

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