Case status: Open
Case date: June 22, 2018
Location: Petersburg, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #712 – Personal Report by Brad Bradley

I arrived about 1 hour early and performed a walk through. Nothing was detected out of the ordinary. However, when Tommy arrived 1/2 hour later with his two daughters, we all heard walking on third floor above where we were standing at the center stairwell of the 2nd floor.

We later experienced a feeling in the basement that made our hair standup (me, Steve, Davis) near where the crawling apparition was detected during a previous project.

Later, we found an open roof door and performed an investigation of the roof area after hearing what sounded like walking on the roof (me, Allen, Tommy and daughter, Steve). Nothing was found.

Report #713 – Personal Report by David Phaup

I arrived shortly after 630 pm with Christine and Hayley. Both are interested in possibly joining CPRI in the future and were looking for more exposure to our research. This was the 3rd investigation attented by Hayley and the second by Christine.

Equipment used: DR-05 was placed static in the [REDACTED] on the 2nd (?) floor…the same level as Control. A second DR-05 was used to live monitor and record 2 separate excursions to the basement, and one excursion to the 4th floor. I had a couple of personal experiences. During my first excursion to the basement, I felt a slight brush against the back of my left elbow. Fortunately Brad had a FLIR with him and did not notice any detectable difference in temperature. Kenny had a similar occurence on the back of his neck during the last excursion to the basement. Both occurences were in the far side of the basement (not the middle section where Rick A. had his personal experience on a prior research project.) Also, while in the middle section of the basement, there was noticeable matrixing of water dripping on pipes. I faintly heard what sounded like large numbers of teens/children/young females talking. I attributed the sounds to matrixing, but will check the recorded DR-05 audio more closely to see if anything recorded out of the ordinary.

Christine and Hayley did not report any unusual personal experiences, but I will add they spent a lot of time at the control desk watching live video and logging sound anomalies. It was noticed by many that a great deal of noise was recording in the vicinity of Camera 3, yet the noise was greatly diminished while researchers patrolled the fourth floor.

We all left the site at roughly 1:10 am on 7/22.

Report #714 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet (accelerometer, magnetometer, light) – 4th [REDACTED], Office Area (start 8:20pm)
11:14pm – magnetic field intensity shift on all three axes.

Sensor block (UV, Light, temp, hum, BP) – 4th [REDACTED], Office Area (start 8:19pm)
No anomalies detected.

PASCO (Voltage, light, temp, humidity, BP) – 4th [REDACTED], east area top of stairs
10:15pm – temperature shift on both sensors not detected by other dataloggers.

Geiger Counter – 4th [REDACTED], office area – time period average 19.5CPM No anomalies detected.

Geiger Counter – 4th [REDACTED], east area top of stairs – time period average 20.3CPM 8:53pm – spike to 33CPM 10:14pm – spike to 31CPM 11:01pm – spike to 36CPM 12:11am – spike to 33CPM

Geiger Counter – Basement [REDACTED] – time period average 20.4CPM 9:14pm – spike to 33CPM 10:50pm – spike to 32CPM 11:48pm – spike to 36CPM 12:02am – spike to 31CPM 12:37am – spike to 33CPM

Report #715 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor – 4th Floor, [REDACTED], Center Area near DVR ***NOTE: Bangs and pops occur entire surveillance period***
180721_222.wav (start 6:23:00pm, end 9:45:48pm)
2:37:32 (9pm) – Whistle
2:38:12 (9:01pm) – movement, footsteps

180721_223.wav (start 9:45.48pm, end 1:08:36am)
57:24 (10:42pm) – double knock and bang
57:56 (10:42pm) – whistling

180721_224.wav (start 1:08:36am, end 1:11:02am)

Report #717 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley


Site location: [REDACTED], Petersburg, VA

CPRI contacted [REDACTED] and arranged another date to perform follow up data collection in an attempt to determine cause for the many noises detected in previous forays. The date of the new foray was 7/21/18.

A team was put together consisting of Brad Bradley, Allen Slonaker, Kenny Newsome, Helen Magner, Tommy Amos (+2), Davis Phaup (+2), Tom and Teresa Gray, Damon Deluca. A guest (Steve Dills) from another group joined us.

HQ was in the [REDACTED] company conference room. Excursions were made periodically in the [REDACTED] using 3-4 team members.

DVR cameras were placed on the 4th floor, [REDACTED] (Kenny) and basement (Brad). One was also placed outside HQ (Brad).

DR05 recorders were placed in the center of 4th floor [REDACTED] (live monitor), center of basement under [REDACTED] (live monitor), East end of basement between [REDACTED] (near the spot were a crawling apparition was detected during a previous project), center of basement under [REDACTED] and center of 2nd floor [REDACTED]. Two small recorders were placed in the newer rooms on the 4th floor, East end.

For dataloggers, sensor block, tablet and Geiger counter were placed in the office area of the 4th floor, [REDACTED]. PASCO and Geiger counter were placed at the stairwell on the East end of the 4th floor [REDACTED]. Geiger counters were also placed in the center of the basement under the [REDACTED] and the East end of the basement between the [REDACTED] (near the spot were a crawling apparition was detected during a previous project). A phone datalogger was placed on the West end of the 4th floor [REDACTED].

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