Case status: Open
Case date: Aug 5, 2018
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #718 – Planning Email and Changes by Brad Bradley

Changes: DR05 in [REDACTED] 2nd floor not a live monitor. HT sensors were placed all over 2nd floor [REDACTED]. DR05s placed on 1st and 2nd floors, [REDACTED]. Olympus recorders placed in [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] basements.

The weather will not be any better than it has been for the last few days. Hi 87, Low 71 with 60% chance of rain and storms. We will be moving HQ inside. Since the team will be kind of large, main HQ will be in the gift shop and we will put ancillary folks and gear in the museum area.

I will be arriving in Surry this afternoon and staying the weekend.

See you all tomorrow!

On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, 1:28:48 PM EDT, Brad Bradley <[REDACTED]> wrote:

Weather looks a bit problematic over the weekend. We may have to move into the [REDACTED] area as HQ. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer.

Since both Mike and Jack are going to be there, I would like for one of you to run cameras outside for security and one run cameras in the [REDACTED] side. I will let you choose. 🙂 Also, I would like Mikes HT dataloggers on the [REDACTED] side, one on the middle stair landing, one in the storage room (old bedroom) and one in the hall there. Since it looks like we are going to have 6 DR05s, I would like to place as many of them as we can as static recorders.

On Friday, July 27, 2018, 4:21:52 PM EDT, Brad Bradley <[REDACTED]> wrote:


You are receiving this email because you have asked to participate in our project at [REDACTED] on 8/4/18. The plan outline is below. Our HQ will be in an Easy Up tent in the backyard. If rain is going to be a problem, we will move the HQ into the gift shop in the main house. We currently have no plans for any VIP visits, but you never know.

4pm – Arrive onsite and begin unloading gear, setting up tent for HQ
5pm – Begin static equipment setup
7pm – Dinner break
8pm – Begin Surveillance

DVR Cameras – Kennys cameras will be in the [REDACTED] side of the building. I would like Jacks in the [REDACTED] side.

Voice Recorders – We will place a DR05 live monitor on the 3rd floor of the [REDACTED] side. If another is available, I would like to place it on the [REDACTED] side as a live monitor. I would also like to have at least one recorder on each of the other floors of the [REDACTED] side.

Dataloggers – I would like to focus a large portion of the dataloggers on the 3rd floor of the [REDACTED] side. All three Geiger counters will be placed in a 3 foot triangle closer to the West room up there than last time. A sensor block and tablet recorder will be placed in the middle of that triangle. I would like Jacks Environmental and EMF dataloggers on the 2nd floor hallway of the [REDACTED] side.

Report #721 – Observations by Allen Slonaker

Approximately 2026 hours; Brad, Kenny and I along with my juvenile daughter entered the [REDACTED] side. Upon entering the central hallway I heard what I believed to be footsteps above us, seemingly from the second floor hallway. I had no other observations and / or experiences during excursions into the building over the course of the night.

Report #723 – DR05 Audio – 2nd Floor [REDACTED] Side by Allen Slonaker

I placed my personal DR05 audio recorder on the second floor of the [REDACTED] side approximately six feet away from instruments laid out by Tommy Amos. The device was initially placed on the floor and later moved to a chair immediately next to it. It was checked at various points throughout the night to insure it was continually operating.

The following are links to segments of audio:




***Note From Brad Bradley – These have all been uploaded to the primary data repository.***

As of this entry audio review has just begun.

Report #724 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED] – No anomalies detected except for Geiger Counters, where several spikes in CPM were detected at 30 CPM or higher. The spikes did not necessarily correlate with observed audible anomalies. Only two Geiger counters had usable data. One had its data corrupted. The spikes on either of the two remaining did not correlate with the other one.

Report #731 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Jack had several interesting audio hits on his mobile DR05 recorder. They are located at [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] Stair Landing DR05

DR0000_0072.wav (start 6:14:26pm, end 9:37:14pm)

2:49:38 (9:03pm) – Brad hears something on stairs and hallway above. Clip is of low end thumps underneath the sharper team footsteps.

2:51:31 (9:05pm) – Knock occurs on landing just above team’s head standing on 1st floor below.


180804_0225.wav (start 5:51:00pm, end 9:13:48pm)

2:40:14 (8:31pm) – mumble

180804_226.wav (start 9:13:48pm, end 12:30:72pm)

1:13:32 (10:27pm) -two knocks in succession

1:19:02 (10:33pm) – low voice

Report #762 – DR05 Segmented Breakdown by Allen Slonaker

Segment I

Noises leading up to the below all sound like members and staff in the building.

1:11:53 – Two taps close
1:13:11 – Four taps close
1:15:05 – Four taps
1:15:21 – Three more
1:34:24 – Click close to mic. Other equipment?
1:38:42- Thump and interesting noise just before.
1:39:50 – Thump
1:40:33 – Bang / Thump
1:46:08 – Tap
2:00-2:02 – Music / Hum????
2:03:01 – Bang
2:05 – 2:08 – Footsteps. They are faint.
2:08 – On the recording Brad calls in a report of footsteps. <

Segment II

15:45 – Tap
23:35 – Talking. Distant. Likely members or staff.
31:35 -Footsteps???
32:12 – Thump / Knock
59:17 – Pop / Bang
1:35 – Loud bang or pop on what sounds like wood.
2:12 – Slight pop. Noted by team on the recording.

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