Case status: Open
Case date: June 21, 2018
Location: Suffolk, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Private Residence

Report #709 – Initial contact – Sandra Ange

Moved in July 21, 2017.
House is 40 years old and wiring is just as old.
83 year old pastor lived in the house previously and died of a heart attack in the house.
Found birds dead in driveway for about a month after moving in, but not anymore.
Heard noises, doors closing unexpectedly. Stopped after the house was blessed. Noises also seem to have improved after installing new windows in the house.
[REDACTED] and her husband both feel cold spots in the house
[REDACTED] reports feeling a presence. Believes it is her old boss [REDACTED] who Passed away [REDACTED], 2014.
Gold ring on car antenna after meeting with [REDACTED] wife after he died. Link to news report on [REDACTED] murder: https:/[REDACTED] fell out of dolls, strawberry shortcake dolls, threw them away.
Sister heard music box last summer before the house was blessed.
Cannot keep guests in the house. They get ͞creeped out͟.

Report #710 – Site Visit by Sandra Ange

Visited [REDACTED] at her house with Brad Bradley and Richard Bowen on May 26th qt 6:00 PM. WE were met by [REDACTED] and her husband. The house appeared neat and tidy in good repair. The owners were friendly and seemed genuine. During the site visit we observed that every time the air conditioner turned on, the EM fields in the house rose significantly. Suggested that the wiring be checked and repaired Invited [REDACTED] to contact me again if the activity does not stop after the electrical repairs.

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