Case status: Open
Case date: June 17, 2018
Location: Wilmington, NC
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #705 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

USS North Carolina
1 Battleship Rd NE
Wilmington, NC 28401

CPRI was given the opportunity to collect data overnight in the torpedo strike area of the ship where two sailors lost their lives July 11, 1942. One died in the shower and one died in the washroom. The strike location was on decks 2 and 3, beneath turret number 1. Our equipment was placed in the deck three location in the washroom/shower/head area, where the two sailors died. The equipment was left overnight with no supervision, lights off and sealed off as well as possible. No one is supposed to go near that area and extraneous noise is at a minimum there.

DVR – cameras were setup in the primary entry to the location, in the shower room, in the washroom and one in of the row of stalls and at the secondary entry to the location.

Recorders – a DR05 was placed in the shower stall in question. Another was placed near the primary entrance to the area, near the DVR itself. A tablet recorder was placed in the washroom. An Olympus recorder was placed in the secondary entrance area.

Dataloggers – An environmental and EMF datalogger were placed in the shower stall along with a Geiger Counter. A tablet datalogger (vibration, magnetic field, light) was placed in the washroom, along with an environmental datalogger and Geiger Counter.

Report #707 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet magnetometer – Washroom Periodic blips in magnetic field on all three axes throughout the night. These blips consist of small spikes with an exponential decay after the spike. These are consistent with similar blips collected in previous projects that correlate to visual or audio anomalies. However, they do seem regular, which would indicate possible mechanical origins. Below is a link to a graphic of the magnetic field readings.

No other anomalies detected on other dataloggers.

Report #708 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet Recorder in Washroom
rec_20180617-0814.wav (start 6:50pm, end 8:13am)
3:15:32 (10:05pm) – movement
4:38:25 (11:28pm) – metallic bang
6:38:13 (1:28am) – metallic bang (louder)
8:19:45 (3:09am) – click and voice
8:20:01 (3:10am) – electronic pop, heard periodically all night, though not regularly. Seems random. closer together towards end of recording.
9:02:43 (3:52am) – low voice humming or music
11:50:03 (6:40am) – hiss

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