Case status: Open
Case date: June 11, 2018
Location: Spotsylvania, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Private Residence

Report #702 – Summary by Ladona Gorham

The homeowner contacted Ladona through a social media post about paranormal activity in the [REDACTED] Subdivision. She told me that they were considering leaving the house due to all the activity they experience. Reported activity included unexplained illnesses, voices, black shadows, objects falling off of walls and counters. She was worried that whatever was there would follow them to a new house.

When the family moved out of the house, she gave me the garage door code and told Ladona where they had hidden a key and gave CPRI written permission to take a team in the home. Ladona and Kenny decided on May 12th as our research date.

The team arrived at the home around 7:30pm and first entered the house through the door in the kitchen. It was very hot in the house as the AC was turned off since the house was vacant. The temp inside the house was around 85 degrees and stayed that temp throughout the night. The team did not turn on the AC.

The water was turned on for a split second in the bathroom just to see if it was still on. The fridge was running but the team was able to determine that the compressor came on approx. every 20 minutes and it was tagged in the log (Log will be submitted separately)

As the team walked inside the house deciding where to place the cameras. It was noticed that there was a lot of popping and cracking and bangs that were the result of rebound. It is a very “noisy” house and the team questioned whether the construction had been rushed and if the floor joists were installed correctly. With it being a completely empty house, the noise was even more noticeable.

Cameras were placed in the kitchen, down the hallway, entry way, formal dining room, living room, master bedroom and master bath. A command center was set in the attached garage and the team live monitored the video feed from there. A DR05 recorder was placed in the dining room and a PASCO was placed beside it. Live monitoring audio and video began at approximately 8:00pm.

Several noises, bangs, pops were heard throughout the evening but nothing that seemed that out of the ordinary for a settling house. Most could be discounted as rebound noises. Nothing was noted on the video. At a little before midnight, the team decided to start packing up.

The door to the hallway was opened and left opened as the team unhooked all the cameras and brought them back into the attached garage. The garage door remained closed at this time…but the door from the garage into the hallway was open. As Kenny and Ladona stood in the garage beside the open door putting cameras into their boxes, an indescribable noise was heard right outside the hallway door. It sounded like it was coming down the hallway in their direction. It lasted approximately 10 seconds. They stood silently looking at each other in shock. It was very loud and was not a sound either had ever heard before. Once they overcame their shock, they went through the open door into the hallway and tried to recreate the noise and were not able to. They gathered up the rest of the equipment, leaving the PASCO and DVR05 to the end.

The recorder picked up the sound very clearly. It remains unidentifiable. The PASCO data at the time of the unexplained noise shows an interesting fluctuation in temp and humidity. This is a very interesting piece of evidence and while we are not sure what it means, it definitely defies explanation at this time.

If opportunity had allowed, CPRI would have liked to conduct another session in the home. Unfortunately, staff schedules and the sale of the home prohibited us from doing so.

Report #703 – Personal Experiences by Ladona Gorham

The noise we heard was very disturbing due to the volume and length. Personally, I did not want to stick around much longer after that. It takes a lot to unnerve me and this did.

I “saw” a cat in the house for a split second. It was a brown tabby and turned the corner from the dining room into the kitchen. Of course, there was no cat to be found and the family did not own a cat.

As I was sending the audio clip to the homeowner, I was sitting in my front yard. As soon as I hit send, I felt a pain in my lower leg. I looked down and saw blood running down my leg. I did not see anything that bit me. The initial wound looked like two small puncture wounds, with one being deeper than the other. It bled profusely for a while and look very much like a snake bite but I did not have much pain and experienced no side effects. A month later, I still have a very visible mark on my leg.

These personal experiences are not meant to be used as evidence and could possibly be explained but should be added to the reports.

Report #704 – Rough Audio Link by Ladona Gorham

Rough audio link:

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