Case status: Open
Case date: April 15, 2018
Location: Hanover, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #696 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

1511, 13181 Hanover Courthouse Rd,
Hanover, VA 23069
David L. Deal
Executive Director
Hanover Tavern Foundation
Hanover, VA 23069 804-537-5050
[REDACTED] (mobile)
Steven Dills, VP

This was a “setup and leave it” project. No live monitoring occurred.

DVR – Wesetup as many of Kenny’s cameras as possible. All were setup inside t he main building on all 3 floors.
Audio – We placed a DR05 on both the first (Post Office) and second (Hallway) floors. I placed an Olympus in the downstairs theater area and another in the 1st floor parlor. A tablet recorder was placed in the 2nd floor Bride’s Room.
Environmental Sensors – I’ll place a sensor block, tablet and Geiger counter on the 2nd floor (Bride’s Room). I placed other Geiger counters in the 1st floor Parlor and Arch Room. We placed Jack’s Environmental and EMF sensors on the 1st floor (Arch Room). The PASCO was placed in the 1st floor parlor.

– Original flooring exists throughout the tavern and original house. Much rebound.
– Some anomalous sounds were heard during initial tour that could not be readily explained (thumps, creaks, voice).
– Some anomalous sounds were heard coming from building while discussing future projects with Steven in the parking lot after equipment setup.
– 2nd floor hallway DR05 battery died before pickup the next morning.
– Basement theater Olympus battery died before pickup the next morning.

Report #698 – Initial Report by John Trammell

We completed a static setup targeting key rooms. I ran audio and EMF during setup and captured some anomalies. Analysis of data ongoing. Preliminary notes: sound travels far in some areas, but not in others… When outside the downstairs bathroom, for example, you can’t hear people on the second floor. There are many visual anomalies reported, so I took additional digital photos.

Report #699 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Olympus-Basement Theater stage – Battery Died
WS710198.mp3 (start 11:19:30pm, end 4:04:55am)
54:59 (12:14am) – bang/click
57:22 (12:16am) – Knock
1:48:41 (1:08am) – footstep from above?

Olympus-1st floor parlor
VN620113.wma (start 11:19:30pm, end 9:16:40am)
55:00 (12:14am) – loud bang, correlates with bang in theater at same time.
1:48:44 (1:08am) – bang, correlates wtih footstep sound from theater at same time.

Tablet – 2nd Floor bride’s room
***Much noise from possible refrigeration unit.*** rec_20180415-0909.wav (start 10:58:00pm, end 9:09:42am)

DR05 – 2nd floor hallway
180414_0211.wav (start 10:51:30pm, end 2:14:18am)

180414_0212.wav (start 2:14:18am, end 5:37:06am)
1:39:18 (3:53am) – squeak, like a door.
2:47:06 (5:01am) – sounds of movement.
3:20:11 (5:34am) – bang detected by Jack’s recorder as “strange sound”.

180414_0213.wav (start 5:37:06, end 6:27:41am)

Report #700 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet (vibration, mag, light) – Bride’s Room, 2nd floor
***Something electrical near the room showed steady, repeatable magnetic field fluctuations on all axes. This was detected audibly as well. Sounds like some kind of refrigeration unit.***

Spikes of ~10 lux occurred at 12:36am, 2am, 2:55am and 5:13am. These could not be immediately explained.

***Accelerometer spikes seem to correlate with mechanical bangs detected audibly. Sounds like refrigeration unit.

Geiger Counters:
Nothing anomalous detected. Steady background. Arch Room geiger counter had a malfunction and did not collect data.

Report #701 – Update by John Trammell

In audio analysis it should be noted that there are TONS of bangs, clicks, and knocks throughout the night that the DR-05 picked up near the old post office. I have only cut out a FEW for examples, but I am also keeping the master audio file on disk in case it is needed. I would guess that the majority are probably just “old house” noises…

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