Case status: Open
Case date: October 27, 2017
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #669 – Initial post by Brad Bradley

CPRI was asked to handle [REDACTED] events on 10/14/17 and 10/28/17. Data was collected as if these were actual research projects.

Report #670 – Equipment Setup by Brad Bradley

HQ will be in the lecture space on the first floor near the [REDACTED].

DVRs – Kenny’s will be used inside the house (15 cameras). Mine will be used at the slave quarters (4 cameras).

Dataloggers – ***CHANGE***PASCO and phone will be on 2nd floor, [REDACTED] side. Sensor block, tablet and geiger counter will be in slave quarters.

Audio recorders – Live monitor DR05 will be placed on second floor [REDACTED] side with dataloggers. There will be Olympus recorders in the [REDACTED] and First Floor [REDACTED] side. Tablet recorder in slave quarters.

Report #671 – Tour Attendee Admission 

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the [REDACTED].
Unfortunately I need to let you know that I reported something that I thought was true to [REDACTED] outside after my [REDACTED] the house.  While in the [REDACTED] someone pulled on my pants behind the knee. I turned around and ask if someone did that to me and two individuals said no. So I remember the time was 9:14PM when i looked. I reported that time and that I my pants were tugged behind my knee.
There was a second incident that happened in the hallway of the second floor of docking on the wall. The first time i thought I heard it but then second docks on the wall I did hear. It wasn’t until we left to go to our cars that I was told that was someone in our group. That would have happened sometime after the 914 PM from the earlier incident.

I’m completely upset by this because I know CPRI and those helping from the area take this seriously. Please forgive that I reported something that only a joke from some of those I was with.

I haven’t made my mind up on the paranormal issues but do know I’d never try to play a joke or make something up.

Just wanted you to know.

If you need more information I’d gladly give if you want. Just send me the questions and I’ll do my best. Regards, [REDACTED]

Report #672 – Report by Sandra Ange

On my [REDACTED], about 10:15 as I guided the tour group by the front door, it opened as I walked by, and I heard someone say “Sandie”. There was no-one on the outside of the door, and when I asked Leslie she stated that nobody had called my name.

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