Case status: Open
Case date: November 11, 2017
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #674 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

CPRI asked to conduct research at the location and was granted access for 11/11/17. HQ was in [REDACTED].

DVR cameras were placed in 8 rooms in the main building (see equipment setup log in data repository).

Audio recorders – A DR05 live monitor was placed on the second floor center landing. Another DR05 live monitor was placed in the 1st floor room of the original building [REDACTED]. An Olympus recorder was placed in the far NW 2nd floor bedroom (newest section). Another Olympus recorder was placed in the office, 2nd floor room of the original building [REDACTED]. Two other DR05s were used as mobile recorders, along with a mini-DV video recorder. ***Due to noises coming from the second floor above HQ, another DR05 and a second recorder were placed in that location.

Dataloggers – Sensor block (temp, hum, BP, light, UV), tablet (mag, acc) and Geiger counter were placed on the 2nd floor, center landing. Phone datalogger (acc, mag, light) was placed at bottom of center stairs. Another phone datalogger (acc, mag, light, BP) was placed in the first floor room of the original building [REDACTED].

Surveillance began around 5pm and lasted until around midnight.

Report #675 – Personal Report by Brad Bradley

​While setting up HQ, we detected noises of movement from above us on 2nd floor of [REDACTED] and decided to place recorders up there.

​Multiple video anomalies were detected. I also experienced seeing a small, quarter sized light within the 2nd floor, center bedroom. I viewed it as a reflection in the vanity mirror. This kind of thing was observed by two other team members at different times at the same location.

Report #676 – Initial Post by Mike Magner

​I arrived at about 2:45 pm and met up with the team members that were already gathered on the first floor in the [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] would be our HQ that evening. Already at this time, the team was hearing what sounded like foot steps [REDACTED] coming from the second floor, although there was nobody else [REDACTED] on the second floor.

​The [REDACTED] itself was beautiful and also a strange patchwork of building structures which were added at different time periods, with oldest part of the building (the right side as viewed from the front) was built in the early 1700s. The left side (and newest side) was built in the 1930s.

​Nothing of note happened while the team was setting up equipment, but as I was walking through the house afterwards, sketching the layout of the building and location of our equipment, the team heard what sounded like a voice coming through the speakers at HQ from the live monitored DR-O5 recorder located on the Second Floor in the Main Hallway. Mike was the only person in the building at the time and Mike did not hear the voice at the time.

​Throughout the evening, through the speakers, we could hear many bangs, and clicks, and what we referred to as the “ping pong” sound (the sound of a ping pong ball hitting a ping pong table.) It is highly likely that the ping pong sound was mechanical in origin – we narrowed down the location to the kitchen but could not identify what piece of equipment was making the noise. A lot of other noises were likely the wood in the house expanding and contracting and making audible pops and bangs as it did so. Of note, the temperature varied fairly significantly. One room dropped about 10 degrees from the beginning of the investigation till the end, despite the HVAC running. There were other things that could account for some of the noises – the HVAC system, plus equipment running in the kitchen and bar.

​Jack noted a light anomaly on the window in the upstairs bedroom on the right side of the house while he was in the bedroom. It was there momentarily and then was gone. Later, Mike saw a yellow ball of light in the video screen showing Camera 2 footage. It appeared to move from the top left to left side of the screen. It could have been a dust orb but it appeared to be more defined than normal dust orbs and bears reviewing on the video. The time of this occurrence is noted in the log as taking place at 20:33:30.

Report #677 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Olympus Recorder, 2nd floor, [REDACTED] side VN620110.wma (start 4:03:30pm, end 12:09:33am)

1:56:30 (6pm) – Bang. Happens multiple times throughout night. Rebound or temp change?

4:32:54 (4:36pm) – floor squeak sound

5:22:47 (9:26pm) – movement over several seconds.

5:36:03 (9:39pm) – Knock. Different than bangs mentioned above.

DR05 Live Monitor, 2nd floor center stair landing 171111_0202.wav (start 4:03:30pm, end 7:26:18pm)

32:00 (4:35pm) – movement, Mike was on other side of building.

46:52 (4:50pm) – voice, no one in building

1:08:05 (5:11pm) – bang in other room?

171111_0203.wav (start 7:26:18pm, end 10:49:06pm)

1:19:14 (8:45pm) – footsteps heard by team and HQ.

1:38:08 (9:04pm) – bang on bed headboard in 2nd floor center bedroom.

171111_0204.wav (start 10:49:06pm, end 12:13:32am)

Report #678 – Report by John Trammell

This investigation began for me with an anomaly. No one was present and I began monitoring. Upon seeing anomalies and hearing sounds, it turns out Mark was actually in the house without anyone’s knowledge. This highlights the importance of security and maintaining strict control over the experimental environment.

The night was characterized by light anomalies, including an orange-yellow light about the size of a baseball that moved around and was was seen by several people. I saw it in the bedroom where a great deal of other things happened, including a coffee table that popped loudly several times, and was accompanied by EVPs.

My data sheet will be sent to Brad separately with time stamps for all data files.

There was a great deal of movement around the house, and a great many auditory anomalies.

​At the end of the night, I went into the bar and stood there. Two glasses clinked together like a toast. I can’t explain that and I couldn’t replicate that.

​There was also what I perceived as the sound of a cat several times, but other people hear it as a voice (not us).

​Note: extremely high EMF all over the floor in old dining room.

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