Case status: Open
Case date: October 16, 2017
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #663 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

CPRI was asked to [REDACTED] on 10/14/17 and 10/28/17. Data was collected as if these were actual research projects.

Report #665 – Equipment Setup and Plan by Brad Bradley

HQ will be in the lecture space on the first floor near the cash register.

3pm – Arrival, equipment unloading, review of plan, safety.
4pm – Setup static equipment and HQ
6pm – Quick dinner
7:30pm – Tours begin

Just like last year we will [REDACTED].  Essentially one team of two will start outside, another will be inside and another will be at HQ, rotating appropriately.  Outside activities will be dictated by weather.  However, if allowable, tours will start in the driveway, move to the slave quarters then into the house through the gift shop door.  Once in the house, the [REDACTED] will proceed to the HQ, then to the first floor of the [REDACTED] side, basement of the [REDACTED] side, [REDACTED], 2nd floor of the [REDACTED] side, 2nd floor of the [REDACTED] side, ending in the [REDACTED] side.  Any historical questions not related to the paranormal should be directed to [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED].

DVRs – Kenny’s will be used inside the house.  Mike’s will be used at the slave quarters.

Dataloggers – PASCO will be on 2nd floor [REDACTED] side.  Sensor block will be on 2nd floor [REDACTED] side.  Both will be accompanied by Geiger counters and phone or tablet dataloggers.

Audio recorders – Live monitor DR05 will be placed on second floor [REDACTED] side with dataloggers.  DR05 in the slave quarters.  There will be Olympus recorders in the [REDACTED] and 1st floor [REDACTED] side.

Report #666 – Initial Post by Mike Magner

Set-up went smoothly and quickly with the whole group pitching in to help out.  No incidents noted during set up but the [REDACTED] themselves seemed pretty active!

On my second [REDACTED] I had a guest carry my DRO5 for live monitoring.  Although, through user error (I presume), only 9 minutes of audio were recorded on the 35 minute [REDACTED].  However, it seems like we picked up a very interesting EVP (or 2 EVPs close in time which seem to be the same voice).  Can’t make out the words though – sound like foreign language to me.  The clips are in folder labled “sound snippets”.  

Also, there was an incident in which there was a loud squeak heard on both the live monitored DRO5 on the 2nd floor and also picked up by the mobile DR-O5.  Immediately after the squeak, one of the [REDACTED] reporting feeling very dizzy.   I am not sure what caused audible squeak – maybe one of the pieces of our monitoring equipment spiking at the same moment.  Anyway, the incident is included in the sound snippets file.

During the same [REDACTED] carrying the DRO5 also reported hearing growling in the basement, but the recording was paused during that time.

Report #667 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet (Acc, Mag, Light) 2nd floor hallway [REDACTED] – start 5:24:00pm

8:24pm – mag field intensity spike – team on another floor

10:54pm – mag field intensity spike – team in a different room, but on same floor​

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