Case status: Open
Case date: October 8, 2017
Location: Glen Allen, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #659 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

In partnership with [REDACTED], CPRI agreed to give a lecture on one day followed by a hands on research project for 10 members of the public two days later at [REDACTED] in Henrico County.  The lecture date was 10/4/17 while the hands on project was on 10/6/17.

[REDACTED], Glen Allen, VA 23060


HQ was placed about 50 feet from the back door of the historic house, halfway to the restroom building in an EZUp.  Power was run from inside the historic house to the HQ.  

DVR cameras were placed in each room of the house (8).  

A live monitor DR05 was placed on the 2nd floor landing.  Another DR05 was placed in the basement.  A tablet recorder was placed in the first floor foyer.  A phone recorder was placed in the upstairs Northeast bedroom where the old woman apparition has been seen in the window.

A sensor block (temp, hum, BP, Light, UV) and tablet datalogger (vibration, light and magnetometer) were placed in the first floor foyer.  A PASCO datalogger (temp, hum, BP, Light, voltage) and phone datalogger (vibration and magnetometer) were placed in the upstairs Northeast bedroom near the window.

Report #661 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet 1st Floor Foyer (start 6:49:00pm)
8:17pm – Small magnetic field deflection on all three axes

***still waiting on PASCO data.  No other sensors showed any anomalies that could not be explained.***

Report #662 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor – 2nd floor landing
171006_197.wav (start 5:18:30pm, end 8:41:18pm)
1:50:03 (7:08pm) – voice unlike voices from outside.  Different frequency response.
2:50:08 (8:08pm) – voice
2:51:10 (8:09pm) – metallic noise reported by team
3:00:00 (8:18pm) – scraping sound heard by team in NE bedroom upstairs

171006_198.wav (start 8:41:18pm, end 9:31:43pm)

Tablet – 1st floor foyer
rec_20171006-2134.wav (start 6:48:30pm, end 9:34:41pm)

Phone – 2nd floor NE bedroom
Record_0009.wav (start 8:15:00pm, end 9:49:12pm)
3:25 (8:18pm) – scrape sound heard by team in this room.  Same as the one on the live monitor.​

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