Case status: Open
Case date: August 27, 2017
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Historic

Report #656 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED], Charlottesville, VA 22902


Team: Brad, Allen, Kenny, Ladona, Richard, Trish, Teresa, Tom, Rhonda, Amanda 1, Amanda 2, Mark Higgins (guest)

​CPRI asked to conduct research at [REDACTED] again to correlate previous results with new experiments.  [REDACTED] granted permission for us to have our research project in the historic and restaurant sections on 8/26/17.  We were not allowed to conduct research in the other buildings on the property due to issues with the alarm system.  Our HQ was setup up on the sidewalk outside in an enclosed EZUp.

​6 DVR Cameras were placed in the historic section and 8 were placed in the restaurant section.

Audio:  Two live monitor DR05’s were used, one on the middle landing of the stairs in the historic section and one in the middle dining room of the restaurant, near the fireplace.  Another DR05 was placed in the employee dressing room on the 2nd floor of the restaurant.  Two smaller recorders were placed in the dining area directly beneath the employee dressing room.  A phone recorder was placed in the middle dining room of the restaurant.  A tablet recorder was placed in the first floor entry hallway in the historic section.  An Olympus recorder was placed in the upstairs bedroom of the historic section and another was placed in the upstairs assembly room of the historic section.

Dataloggers:  Sensor block (temp, hum, bp, light, UV), tablet (mag, acc) and geiger counter were placed in the first floor entry hallway of the historic section.  PASCO (temp, hum, bp, light, voltage), phone (mag, acc) and geiger counter were placed in the middle dining room of the restaurant at the base of the fireplace.

Report #651 – Odd Occurrence During Tear Down by Brad Bradley

While in the historic section collecting equipment on the first floor, I heard multiple footsteps above me on the second floor.  Three recorders were still running, so it may have been caught on one of those.  Dataloggers were already recovered before this happened.

Report #652 – Observations and Audio Data by Allen Slonaker

​During the investigation I cannot say that I observed or heard anything that was particularly unusual. The vast majority of my time was spent on the restaurant side. My DR-05 audio recorder was left at the end of the large table in the restaurant and close to the fireplace. At one point the recorder turned off without apparent explanation. 

Audio 1

Audio 2

Audio 3

Audio 4

Report #653 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

​Tablet Datalogger, first floor landing, historic section.
(start 6:06:00pm)
8:57pm – mag field shifts up in intensity, stays that way for a couple of hours and then shifts back down at 10:57pm.
No other anomalies detected.

Sensor Block, first floor landing, historic section.
(start 6:04:30pm)
No anomalies detected.

PASCO and Phone Dataloggers located in Restaurant near fireplace near restrooms – no anomalies detected.

Report #654 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

​DR05 Live Monitor, Historic Section, first floor, first stairs landing.
170826_0191.wav (start 5:30:30pm, end 8:53:18pm)
1:59:59 (7:26pm) – cracks like when stepping on floor in building.
2:51:19 (8:21pm) – bang
3:05:59 (8:36pm) – cracks like footsteps again, only more.
3:17:16 (8:47pm) – loud knock.
3:21:27 (8:51pm) – loud thump.  Door?

170826_0192.wav (start 8:53:18pm, end 12:16:06am)
10:54 (9:04pm) – voice, high pitched
17:45 (9:10pm) – walking behind sound of team talking.  Not the team.
3:10:28 (12:03am) – movement

170826_0193.wav (start 12:16:06am, end 12:39:13am)
DR05 Live Monitor, Restaurant on fireplace near restrooms.  Lots of extraneous noise.  Hard to hear minutia.  
[REDACTED]2017.wav (start 4:56:23pm, end 7:11:35pm)
2:05:02 (7:01pm) – voice
[REDACTED]2017A.wav (start 7:11:35pm?, end 9:04:42pm)
Recording stopped because of full card.  Not sure of start time.
[REDACTED]2017B(1).wav (start 10:03:26pm, end 12:18:38am)
[REDACTED]2017C.wav (start 12:18:38am, end 12:39:59am)

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