Case status: Open
Case date: August 20, 2017
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #645 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

​As part of the reciprocal agreement between CPRI and [REDACTED], we set up a data collection project there on 8/19/17.  More details will posted in later posts.  Contact information is below.  Team was Brad Bradley, Richard Bowen (+1), Mike Magner, Kenny Newsome, Jack Trammel, Sandie Ange, Amanda Phaup, Amanda Taylor.  CHAPS, a TAPS Family group from Canada, also joined us with 3 of their members.

​We focused on the main house only this time and our HQ was outside in an enclosed EZUp in the back yard.  Power was run from the house to HQ.  We entered and exited the building through the [REDACTED] door during surveillance.

​DVR Cameras – Kenny’s 16 cameras were placed inside the main house on both sides.  Mike’s 4 cameras were used for outside surveillance.

Voice Recorders – There was one DR05 inside the house as a live monitor in the 2nd floor hallway which will be run using ethernet.  There was another DR05 as a live monitor in the [REDACTED] section, first floor near the stairs.  Other static recorders were placed in the 1st and 3rd floors of the [REDACTED] section and on the stairwell of the [REDACTED] section.

​Dataloggers – The sensor block, Geiger counter and tablet was placed in the 2nd floor hallway, [REDACTED] side.  The PASCO was on the second floor landing of the [REDACTED] section along with a phone datalogger and Geiger counter.  Jack’s temp/humidity and EMF dataloggers were placed in the middle of the first floor hallway, [REDACTED] side.  Mike’s HT dataloggers were placed at both ends of both the first and second floor hallways of the [REDACTED] side.

Address: [REDACTED], Surry, VA 23883


Report #646 – General Overview by John Trammell

​This research project was marked by a number of interesting factors that impacted the night’s work.  These included nearly 16 people present; a wide variety of equipment and experiment setups; and a great deal of enthusiasm after our annual meeting earlier in the day.

Some factors to note from my perspective:

1) The large number of researchers limited the possibilities for certain types of experiments

2) There was significant noise pollution.  Many of the sounds that we “marked” were when people were in the house or near it, and it’s not clear the fire walls seal one side from the other acoustically if the sound can travel outside or through other infrastructure.

3) Sending in large numbers of people all at once can confound environmental factors.  I recommend no larger than groups of three when conditions permit.

​There was notable activity during the night, including voices, steps, bangs, and I got touched for the first time I can remember.

​Data is being processed.

Report #647 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

​EMF Datalogger on 1st floor hallway, [REDACTED] side
11:22pm – spike in EMF average over all axes.  Team was in the vicinity, but should not have had an EMF source with them.

​Tablet Datalogger on 2nd floor hallway, [REDACTED] side
8:42pm – fluctuations in magnetic field.  No one in building.
8:49pm – spike on accelerometer and light meter.  No one in building.

No other anomalies were detected without explanation.

Report #648 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

​DR05 Live Monitor – 2nd floor hallway, [REDACTED] side
170819_0188.wav (start 5:55:00pm, end 9:17:48pm)
Waveform very noisy at the <100Hz level on left channel only.  Left channel represents the microphone facing the stairwell.  This very low end rumble and bumping can be heard audibly, but just barely.  This means it is just above the 20Hz range.
1:03:24 (6:58pm) – voice in background while team is setting up.  Similar voice captured several years ago in [REDACTED].
2:27:08 (8:22pm) – small “tick” sound. 
2:47:14 (8:42pm) – movement (coincides with magnetic field shift)
2:54:08 (8:49pm) – movement over several seconds (coincides with light and accelerometer spike.) 
2:54:37 (8:49pm) – distant bang
2:59:57 (8:54pm) – loud bang
3:03:21 (8:58pm) – movement over several seconds

​170819_0189.wav (start 9:17:48pm, end 12:40:36am)
9:03 (9:26pm) – Bang near recorder heard by team one floor down.  Upon checking Olympus in [REDACTED], bang was actually in [REDACTED].

​170819_0190.wav (start 12:40:36am, end 1:12:04)

DR05 1854 Side Live Monitor at foot of stairs

DR0000_0055.wav (start 6:35:00pm, end 9:57:48pm)
1:26:00 (8:01pm) – Bang

​DR0000_0056.wav (start 9:57:48pm, end 12:52:55am)
1:03:20 (11:00pm) – loud bang with reverb.

Olympus – [REDACTED]
VN620105.wma (start 6:51:00pm, end 1:17:14am)
39:28 (7:30pm) – bang in [REDACTED]
1:03:57 (7:54pm) – movement in [REDACTED]
1:04:32 (7:55pm) – movement in [REDACTED]
1:04:53 (7:55pm) – footsteps in [REDACTED]
1:05:09 (7:56pm) – movement in [REDACTED]
2:03:42 (8:54pm) – voice not detected by 2nd floor DR05.
2:39:48 (9:30pm) – voices in [REDACTED] heard by team there.  Outside team indicates the voice didn’t come from them.  Not detected by recorder on 2nd floor.
4:39:27 (11:30pm) – voices in [REDACTED] heard by team there.  Not from HQ.  Not detected by recorder on 2nd floor.

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