Case status: Open
Case date: August 6, 2017
Location: Radford, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #640 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

Address: [REDACTED], Radford, VA 24141

​CPRI put together a project with [REDACTED].  The date for this event was 8/5/17.  The team was made up of Brad, Mike, Amanda 1, Amanda 2, Tommy, Savannah, Teresa, Tom, Richard and Trish.

​HQ was placed in the hallway beside the [REDACTED].  Access to the site for excursions was made through the hallway door and the stairwell beside the [REDACTED].

​DVR Cameras – Mike’s 4 cameras were placed on the north side of the building.  Brad’s 8 cameras were placed on the south side of the building.  Exact locations are listed in the equipment log in the primary data repository.

​Voice Recorders – A DR05 was placed at the west end of the 2nd floor south main hallway as a live monitor.  Another DR05 was placed in the breezeway between the north and south sides of the building.  A third DR05 was placed in basement hallway between the [REDACTED] room and [REDACTED] area in the basement.  Other recorders were placed throughout the building and their positions are noted in the equipment log in the primary data repository.

Dataloggers – Sensor block (temp, Humidity, BP, Light, UV), Geiger counter and tablet datalogger (accelerometer, mag field, light) was placed in the middle split section of the 2nd floor south main hallway, near the old elevator.  Phone datalogger (accelerometer, mag field, light, BP), Geiger counter and HT datalogger were placed halfway down the 2nd floor north hallway.  HT dataloggers were also scattered around various other rooms on both sides.  All locations were noted in the equipment log in the primary data repository.

Report #641 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

​Tablet 2nd Floor South Hallway (accelerometer, mag, light) (start 4:28:30pm, end 12:30am)
Magnetic Field – small spike at 7:28pm.  Team was at dinner.

No other anomalies from all other dataloggers and sensors were detected that could not be explained.

Report #642 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

​2nd Floor South Live Monitor – Creepy Hallway
170805_0184.wav (start 3:44:20pm, end 7:07:08pm)
8:18 (3:52pm) – voice heard by team member near recorder
1:47:30 (5:31pm) – movement
2:23:22 (6:07pm) – movement for several seconds

​170805_0185.wav (start 7:07:08pm, end 10:29:56pm)
1:58:46 (9:05pm) – voice
2:15:36 (9:22pm) – lots of movement
2:48:02 (9:55pm) – movement for several seconds

​170805_0186.wav (start 10:29:56pm, end 10:49:56pm)
9:39 (10:39pm) – melodic hum

​170805_0187.wav (start 10:51:20pm, end 1:05:18am)
31:55 (11:22pm) – movement, voice
44:17 (11:35pm) – movement
52:57 (11:44pm) – loud bang

Report #643 – Brad DVR Video Analysis by Brad Bradley

​Camera 3 located on the 2nd floor landing 30 feet away from [REDACTED] room doorway – Camera moves unassisted 8:50:52pm followed by a flurry of dust and an odd misty object floating by at 8:51:00pm.  Camera was mounted on a large wooden block and should not have moved on its own.


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