Case status: Open
Case date: July 16, 2017
Location: Richmond, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #633 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley


CPRI was asked to investigate claims of paranormal activity in [REDACTED].  HQ was located in an enclosed EZup in the back yard of the location.

​Video – We used Kenny’s DVR cameras.  We tried to put a camera in each room within the building along with one outside for security.

​Audio – We placed a DR05 recorder on the first floor landing for live monitoring.  An Olympus recorder was placed in the first floor [REDACTED] room and outside the building.  A phone recorder was placed in the 2nd floor [REDACTED] room.  A tablet recorder was placed in the basement foyer.

​Dataloggers – The PASCO was placed in the 2nd floor [REDACTED] room near [REDACTED].  A phone datalogger wase placed next to it along with a

Geiger counter.  The sensor block was placed in the basement foyer along with a tablet datalogger and Geiger counter.  A phone datalogger was placed in the [REDACTED] room later during surveillance because of a magnetic anomaly detected using a trifield meter that occurred in conjunction with some bangs and thumps just after a [REDACTED] in the room was opened and closed again.

Report #635 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor – Middle Floor Landing
170715_0181.wav (start 5:05:00pm, end 8:27:48pm)
3:06:46 (8:11pm) – In [REDACTED] room, trifield (set to geomagnetism) alarms and a few knocks happened just after the [REDACTED] was opened and then shut.

170715_182.wav (start 8:27:48pm, end 11:50:36pm)
51:38 (9:19pm) – movement
2:24:41 (10:52pm) – footsteps coming out of [REDACTED] room on top floor.  Seemed to follow team.  Could not reproduce.
2:31:42 (10:59pm) – dropped item
2:32:38 (11:00pm) – screech or squeal detected by team and HQ

170715_183.wav (start 11:50:36pm, end 12:12:14pm)

Tablet – Basement Foyer

rec_20170716-0014.wav (6:00:20pm, end 12:14:22am)

Olympus – Middle Floor [REDACTED] Room

WS710189.MP3 (start 5:44:00pm, end 12:14:31am)

​​Report #636 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet Datalogger – Basement foyer
Light Sensor
7:07pm – Light spike, 7 lux  ***EXPLAINED*** Someone entered the building without anyone knowing while we were gone to dinner.
***No other anomalies detected on mag or accel that could not be explained*** 

​​Phone Datalogger – Middle Floor – [REDACTED] Room
***No anomalies on BP, mag, accel or light that could not be explained***

Phone Datalogger – Top Floor – [REDACTED]
***No anomalies on mag or accel that could not be explained***

​​Report #637 – Sarah Clarke Experience by Brad Bradley

Sarah Clarke experienced footsteps behind her as she left the [REDACTED] room on the top floor and also felt a hand in the small of her back as if ushering her out of the room.  This occurred before the 10:52pm incident where similar footsteps were heard by another team.

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