Case status: Open
Case date: July 8, 2017
Location: Midlothian, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #632 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley


Midlothian, VA 23113


Allen Slonaker approached [REDACTED] about a year ago regarding possible investigations at this location due to the multiple reports of visible manifestations.  Some of the reported manifestations are:  female apparitions on the West stairs and main dining area and a male apparition near the front door/bar threshold.  [REDACTED] finally contacted Allen this year and a brief POI was conducted (Allen and Brad) with interviews.  Following the POI, an FOI was scheduled for 7/8/17.

The restaurant is located in the original [REDACTED] next to [REDACTED] in the [REDACTED].  Our HQ was outside in a covered awning area on the patio.  See the primary data repository link for more information about setup.

The plan outline is below.
10pm – arrive onsite, conduct walk through.
10:30pm – begin setup HQ outside on patio behind building and setup of static equipment inside.
12am – begin surveillance until daybreak.

Video – Kenny’s DVR system will be primary on this one, with cameras in each room of the building.  Brad’s DVR will be used if more cameras are needed.  Cameras were placed in all rooms except for the kitchen and NE dining room.

Audio – A DR05 recorder was used as the live monitor for HQ.  It was originally placed in the threshold between the old house and the newer dining area.  It was eventually moved to the hostess area, the waiting area and finally to the middle of the floor in the newer dining area.  It was determined that there was electronic interference with the ethernet cable used for monitoring, so a 100 foot audio cable was used.  Another DR05 recorder was placed in one of the offices on the 2nd floor of the older house.  An Olympus recorder was placed in the wine storage room on the 2nd floor of the older house.  Olympus recorders were placed in the bar, NW dining room and ladies restroom.  Another recorder was placed in the small, SW private dining room.

Dataloggers – The PASCO was be placed in the main dining area, on the East side access way.  The sensor block was be placed on the older house West stairway at the first landing.  A phone datalogger (accelerometer and mag field) was be placed near the PASCO and a tablet datalogger (light, accelerometer, mag field) was be placed near the sensor block.  A Geiger counter was placed next to the PASCO and sensor block.  HT dataloggers were placed on the perimeter of the main dining area.

Report #629 – Sarah Clarke Report by Brad Bradley

​Between 3:00 -3:30 am, I went into the restaurant with Mike, Richard, and Teresa.  Mike and I were standing in the main dining room not far from the audio recorder that was placed on the floor.  It was very quiet, so I whispered “it’s so quiet” and just as I finished that statement Mike and I heard a sound like water in a glass or ice in a glass. Not long after that we went back outside.

Report #628 – Video Analysis by Brad Bradley

​All DVR cameras were reviewed and no anomalies were detected that could not be explained.

Report #627 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

​Tablet – West Stairs Landing 
rec20170709-0418.wav (start 11:46:30pm, end 4:17:59am)
1:20:34 (1:07am) – crack 
1:24:19 (1:11am) – thump 
2:14:50 (2:00am) – music or voice
2:26:33 (2:12am) – loud knock or stumble    

​DR05 Live Monitor
170708_0178.wav (start 10:45:00pm, end 1:28:47am)

170708_0180.wav (start 1:32:00am, end 4:12:02am)
1:10:01 (2:42am) – jingle like ice in glass near recorder.  Heard by both team and HQ.

​DR05 2nd Floor Office
DR0000_0051.wav (start 11:17:54pm, end 2:40:42am)
1:53:05 (1:10am) – loud bang

​Olympus 2nd Floor Wine Room
WS600040.wma (Start 11:25:08pm, end 4:15:26am)
2:53:46 (2:15am) – movement
3:17:14 (2:39am) – movement, same as if on steps
4:09:32 (3:31am) – musical tones

Report #626 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

​All dataloggers except the HT dataloggers have been reviewed and no anomalies were detected.

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