Case status: Open
Case date: May 13, 2017
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Historic

Report #606 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

An excursion to [REDACTED] was arranged to continue data collection at that site.

[REDACTED] Virginia Beach, VA 23455


HQ was setup in an EZUp w/walls in the parking lot in an attempt to limit audio contamination.

DVR cameras were placed in each room of the house.  The DVR was monitored via ethernet.

Audio – a DR05 was placed on the 2nd floor landing as a live monitor.  A DR05 was placed in the northern room just off the 1st floor foyer.  A DR05 was placed in the southern room of the 3rd floor.  A Phone recorder was placed in the slave quarters.  An Olympus recorder was placed on the front porch for outside reference.  Another Olympus recorder was placed in the court room.

Dataloggers – HT sensors were placed in the [REDACTED], the south room of the 3rd floor, the 1st floor parlor and the 2nd floor [REDACTED].  A sensor block (temp, hum, light, UV and bp) was placed on the second floor landing along with a geiger counter and a tablet datalogger (mag, acc).  The PASCO (light, bp, temp, humidity) was placed in the 1st floor foyer.  A phone datalogger and geiger counter were placed in the slave quarters.  Another phone datalogger was placed in the southern room of the 3rd floor.  The sensor block was monitored live via ethernet at HQ.

Report #608 – Mike Data Repository by Mike Magner


Dropbox link annotated above.  Data in the folder includes Humidity/Temperature data logs, paper event log, Mike’s Equipment log, and stationary audio files (3).  

Of note, at 33:57 into the first clip (17:56:11 atomic clock time) was the event in which Helene thought she heard a cat.  A snippet with that event is included in the audio files.  When I reviewed the clip I could not hear the cat.  However there is a voice that sounds like it says, “Dusty” right before Helene responds to what she thought was a cat meowing.  There were team members talking near the recorder during the time that Helene heard the cat so they might have drowned out the cat on the recording.  It would be interesting to compare the audio that was recorded just outside the front door to the house.

Report #609 – Initial Post by John Trammell

I sent my data loggers by email; now going through DR-05.

This was a quiet trip to [REDACTED], although a few notable things did happen.  First, there were some EMF anomalies–this place is now seemingly a regular for this type of thing.  Secondly, there were some interesting auditory anomalies that will need analysis.  Note also that there may be several things on Kenny’s cameras of note.

Report #610 – General Observations by Helene Hannan

1. Just after 5pm while setting up the camera in the first floor old [REDACTED] section near the hallway of the house, I heard a cat meow.  It sounded friendly – like my cats when trying to get my attention when they want something. I looked for a cat and called to it.  I did not see a cat in the hallway.  The front door was open and I looked outside but did not see any animal outside.  We had seen bunnies and geese outside at other times.

2. While we were out to dinner, [REDACTED] was skyping her boyfriend in Australia in the old [REDACTED].  She said her boyfriend asked who the person standing beside her was.  There was no person standing, just [REDACTED] sitting.  It seemed She was out of range of our camera.

3.  During a late walk-through, I did some electromagnetic readings with a handheld Trifield Meter Model 100XE magnetic (1-3 range).  Readings were steady at .2 but spiked, as expected, near electrical outlets.  I noted an increase (1.5) near a the first floor dressed mannequin but readings spiked against the wall – we assumed there was wiring in that wall.  We tested the sewing machine and globe, which were located near the wall to the gift shop.  It moved a bit (1) but spiked under the sewing machine.  We noted an outlet on the other side of the wall.  (There is a piece of furniture along that wall covering the outlet.)  I tested all the globes in the shop and some artifacts in the house.  The needle stayed at .2.

Report #611 – Additions by John Trammell

I will be uploading audio shortly.  Please keep in mind that I think all of these are likely non-paranormal.  But a few of them bear scrutiny by someone besides me.

The third floor was loud and busy.  Most of noise I have identified as us.  The cameras click when motion or infrared comes on.

You can always hear us in other parts of the house.

Report #612 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Sensor block – 2nd floor landing – T, H, BP, UV, Light
Start 5:17pm

Geiger Counter – 2nd floor landing
Start 5:14pm

Tablet – 2nd floor landing –  ***Application Failure, No Data***

Report #613 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor – 2nd Floor landing
170513_0168.wav (start 4:48:30pm, end 8:01:18pm)

170513_0169.wav (start 8:01:18pm, end 11:24:06pm
2:39:50 (10:41pm) – bangs, movement for several seconds.

170513_0170.wav (start 11:24:06pm, end 11:57:52pm)

DR05 3rd Floor South Room
11:58pm – Humming
11:58pm – Music?

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