Case status: Open
Case date: April 29, 2017
Location: Petersburg, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #599 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley


Site location:  [REDACTED], Petersburg, VA

CPRI contacted [REDACTED] and arranged another date to perform follow up data collection in an attempt to determine cause for the many noises detected in previous forays.  The date of the new foray was 4/29/17.

A team was put together consisting of Brad Bradley, Allen Slonaker, Kenny Newsome, Helen Magner (+2), Richard Bowen, Sarah Clarke and Rhonda Ritzel. 

HQ was in the [REDACTED] conference room.  Excursions were made periodically in the [REDACTED] buildings using 3-4 team members.

DVR Cameras – Kenny’s cameras were in the basement with one just outside HQ.  Brad’s were on 4th floor of the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] building.

Dataloggers – All environmental sensors utilized were placed on the 4th floor of the [REDACTED] building due to the amount of audible activity at that location.  The sensor block (UV, temp, humidity, BP, light) was placed east of the center point.  Next to that was a geiger counter  The PASCO system was placed west of the center point along with a geiger counter and a phone accelerometer for vibration.  HT sensors (temp, humidity) were placed at either end (2).  A tablet datalogger (vibration, light, magnetic field) was placed in the former office area against the open door.

Voice Recorders – One DR-05 was used as live monitor at HQ, from the 4th floor, [REDACTED] building.  There was another one in the basement away from HQ to limit contamination.  Two were used for live monitoring during excursions.  An Olympus recorder was placed on the 2nd floor, [REDACTED] building.  Another Olympus recorder was placed near the 2nd floor loading dock for reference in case anyone came in that door.

Report #602 – Initial Post/Initial Impressions by Helene Hannan

I arrived at the [REDACTED] and began set up, completing set up at about 7pm – did note anything unusual during set up.  During listening period at HQ we heard a lot of bumps and squeaks through the speakers from live DRO5 on the 3rd floor.  I believe that most of the noises we heard could be attributable to the many bats that we saw live and on the cameras.  There were also pigeons seen on the 4th floor of the building.  However, I did see an unusual shadow on camera 3 at 8:57pm that bears reviewing.  There were also some unusual sounds:  Music/doorbell at 9:00:14, faint talking at 9:14:03, metal on metal squeak at 9:18:36, chain-like rattle at 10:20, raspy whispering at 11:41:40 and several loud thumps through-out the investigation period (7pm – midnight).

Report #603 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet Datalogger In 4th Floor [REDACTED] Building Office Area Leaning Against Door.
Acq Time: 04/29/2017 19:32:02 – 04/30/2017 24:17:38

***Quit collecting data after 28 minutes, though the application ran for 4 hours and 45 minutes.***  There was a shift in magnetic field and an acceleration spike at ~22 minutes.  Tablet sensors all worked fine in testing after the event.
Phone Datalogger On Floor Of 4th Floor [REDACTED] Building, 20 feet west of center, near PASCO.
Acq Time: 04/29/2017 19:53:10 – 04/30/2017 24:25:21

Small spike around 22:57 on all axes.
Geiger counters on either side of the 4th floor, [REDACTED] building showed no anomalies.
Sensor Block on the East side of the 4th floor, [REDACTED] building
Start 7:46:30pm, End 12:18:00am

At 12:10am, UV sensor values dropped from a baseline of ~0.5W/m2 to a new steady state baseline of ~0.005W/m2.  There was no known UV or visible light source on the 4th floor.
PASCO on the West side of the 4th floor, [REDACTED] building showed no anomalies that cannot be explained.
Temp/Humidity sensors at each end of the 4th floor [REDACTED] building showed no anomalies that could not be explained. 

Report #604 – Brad Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor, Center of 4th Floor [REDACTED] Building
170429_0166.wav (Start 6:30:10pm, End 9:52:57pm)
1:35:37 (8:05pm) – ice cream truck type music.  Not detected outside.
2:30:03 (9:00pm) – musical notes like a doorbell.  No source could be found. ***It was picked up by the DR05 in basement.  Building owner indicates it was the [REDACTED] behind the building.***
2:38:56 (9:08pm) – bumps and cracks
2:42:18 (9:12pm) – talking 
2:48:22 (9:18pm) – metallic squeaking

170429_0167.wav (Start 9:52:57pm, End 12:07:31am)
27:13 (10:19pm) – clicks and bang.  Clicks move from left channel to right channel on recorder.  Based on orientation, the sounds move from west to east.
29:17 (10:21pm) – door slam inside building

DR-05 in basement
DR0000_0038.wav (start 7:18:10pm, end 10:40:58pm)
50:56 (8:09pm) – double knock
2:25:05 (9:43pm) – bangs
DR0000_0039.wav (start 10:40:58pm, end 12:29:37am)
35:20 (11:16pm) – voice

Report #605 – Audio Analysis – Basement by Helene Hannan

Log file located at [REDACTED]

There were steady sounds:  beeps, clicks, sound of water dripping, motor hum throughout with occasional couple minutes of a loud motor ending in a sizzle, wind/motor noises (vehicles?) and repeated (4X) sound of a train horn. There was also the sound of the teams setting up, walking through and taking down equipment. Sound irregular sounds included:

​First file: 50:56 – new noise; 1:53:57 hiss; 2:25:05 thump.

​Second file:  from 34:20 to 48:58 distant voices and footsteps; from 1:07:32 to 1:09:39 unidentifiable or movements; 1:20:14 loud pop.


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