Case status: Open
Case date: March 25, 2017
Location: Front Royal, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Residence

Report #591 – Initial Report by Brad Bradley


[REDACTED] had asked CPRI in 2014 to investigate noises in the large Eastern bedroom for one of the [REDACTED] sons on the 2nd floor of their house.  The house sits on the [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED] Civil War battlefield and the homeowners had discovered multiple artifacts from that time period on the property, which are kept in the house.  We discovered many unexplained, loud noises in the house and an unexplained shift in magnetic field strength in the smaller bedroom on the second floor.  The link to the data repository for that case is below:


The homeowners were then contacted for a follow up visit and they had indicated that some different odd activity had occurred within the home.  Upon interviews, it seems that one of the grandparents had stayed in the small bedroom and was awakened by a noise and saw a black form move across the ceiling and block out the light from the smoke detector near the door.  Also, the homeowners claim to hear noises from the large bedroom on the second floor while they are in the master bedroom on the first floor directly below it.  No one on the second floor can hear these noises.  Finally, pillows fell off the couch in the living room on the first floor and a swirling mist was detected above a lamp in the SW corner of that room.

Another visit was arranged and a team assembled.

Report #592 – Equipment Setup by Brad Bradley

HQ was established in the garage just under the 1st floor master bedroom.
10 DVR cameras were used: 2 outside, 1 in dining room showing kitchen, 1 in dining room showing front door and foyer, 2 in living room showing couch and lamp, 1 in Western 2nd floor bedroom, 1 in smaller 2nd floor bedroom, 1 showing 2nd floor hallway, 1 in Eastern 2nd floor bedroom.

2 DR05 recorders were used for live monitoring in the house: 1 in the kitchen and 1 on the 2nd floor landing.  Voice recorders were also placed in the Eastern 2nd floor bedroom, smaller 2nd floor bedroom, 1st floor living room and 1st floor master bedroom.

Sensor block (light, temp, hum, bp, UV), a tablet datalogger (light, mag, sound, acc) and a geiger counter were placed at the foot of the bed in the center of the room in the smaller 2nd floor bedroom.  PASCO (light, temp, hum, bp, v), a phone datalogger (light, bp, mag, sound, acc) and a geiger counter were placed in the Eastern 2nd floor bedroom on the spot just above the 1st floor master bedroom.

Report #593 – FOI Personal Impressions by Tommy Amos

On 3/25/17, I participated in the Front Royal FOI along with Keith, Kenny and Brad.  We all met up at a local restaurant for dinner and to have a briefing before proceeding to the residence.  We arrived at the residence at approximately 6:00pm.  We introduced ourselves to the home owners and requested a tour of the location to discuss recent activity.  They discussed activity in the living room which consisted of a white wisp being seen on one occasion above a lamp in the room.  And, told us about a pillow that appeared to be knocked off the love seat.  The wife was in the living room and witnessed both of these phenomena.  Additionally, they mentioned that the dogs often alert toward the front door while resting on the floor.

They told us about hearing noises after bedtime coming from their son’s room which is directly above their room.  They described it as being their sons wrestling or rough housing.  However, their sons are in bed in separate rooms at the time it occurs.  Also, their sons do not hear anything odd.  It appears that the sounds heard by the parents in their master bedroom are localized but seem to be coming from the room above it.

In the middle upstairs bedroom, the husband’s mother reported seeing a dark shadow pass between herself and the smoke detector that is located directly above the entry door.  She got up very early the next morning and quickly left the house.  The event seems to have shaken her up quite a bit.

We set up our equipment to monitor the living room, kitchen, back patio, front deck and all three upstairs bedrooms.  We monitored these locations using security cameras and DR-05 audio recorders centrally located on both floors.  We utilized the garage as the base of operations during the investigation.  The home owners and sons left the residence while we investigated.  The investigation ended at midnight.

During the investigation, we noted multiple instances of sounds coming from both floors.  We could not account for most of these sounds.  I noted a white anomaly pass one of the cameras.  This was flagged for post investigation review.  I also noted a dark anomaly pass another camera.  This was also flagged for post investigation review.  An additional report may follow after I complete my review of the audio file I recording during live monitoring on the first floor of the home.  The monitoring point for the first floor live monitoring was the bar between the kitchen and dining room.

Report #596 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet Datalogger – 2nd floor small bedroom (Acq Time: 03/25/2017 19:36:57 – 03/26/2017 24:10:40)
Data rate: 6/s
8:46pm – Shift in magnetic field intensity on all three axes.  No one in room.

Geiger Counter – 2nd floor small bedroom (start 6:43pm, end 11:15pm)
9:12pm thru 9:24pm – multiple spikes from average 15cpm baseline to 25cpm and higher.  There seemed to be a bell curve during this time, rising and then dropping.
10:40pm – spike from 15cpm to 34cpm.  No one in room.

No other anomalies were found in the rest of the datalogger data.

Report #597 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor – 2nd floor landing 
170325_0164.wav (start 7:05:40pm, end 10:28:28pm)
54:25 (8:00pm) – bang follow by multiple thumps (running?)
1:04:04 (8:09pm) – bang
1:06:59 (8:12pm) – bang
1:07:02 (8:12pm) – bump and bang
1:25:03 (8:30pm) – movement
1:27:00 (8:32pm) – knocking
2:20:17 (9:25pm) – taps
3:01:36 (10:06pm) – running

170325_0165.wav (start 10:28:28pm, end 12:03:23am)

Olympus in Master Bedroom, 1st Floor (start 7:04:10pm, end 12:02:51am)
9:50 (7:13pm) Conversation regarding feedback.

Report #598 – Prior Case Submission by Brad Bradley

This is the first time we were contacted by this family in 2014.


Country: United States
State: Virginia
City: Front Royal

Type of Establishment: Residence
Request: our family personally
Own: yes
Relationship: owner
Duration: few years/2 or 3 times a month
Have you contacted other help or teams before?: no
Tell us more about the activity: Our home was built in [REDACTED]. So, it is considered a new home. However, there was a civil war battle on our property. We were educated of that out after the fact. The activity started shortly after we built our barn in [REDACTED]. We would hear noises such as, doors closing, footsteps in the hallway, going up stairs, and having my teenage daughter’s radio physically turn louder when no one was there. We would also see round lights on our walls. The noises had stopped for a while, but has picked up again. Only now, the activity seems to happen only in our son’s room at night. He saw his door move, and a shadow figure at the end of his bed. Last evening he came running down the stairs scared to death because his mattress shook. It would be nice to know if it is all in our minds or if there is something really here in our home. I would like for my son to not be afraid to go to bed at night. He is almost 13 years old and is a very respectful child. We do not believe he is making things up, since we have heard things in the past ourselves. Please come and help us if you can.
This passed Tuesday, (4/16/13), was the most recent activity in my son’s room. Unexplainable activity has always happened in this house, but lately it has been more frequent. Unfortunately, we have not been able to gather any physical evidence on this matter. Also, we do not have anyone in our family who’s religion may be antagonizing the activity. Nor do we have anyone on prescription medication, or any type of drug. We also lack there being any behavioral health issues in our household. We, as a family would be honored to have you guys come out and perform an investigation on our property. However, I would like to know if having this done, would cost us anything.
One more thing I failed to mention earlier, was that my husband and I have collected civil war relics from our property, such as bullets, cannon pieces, tent spikes, a dog tag and etc. We are questioning whether or not having these objects in our possession is contributing to the mysterious activity.
Thank you so much,


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