Case status: Open
Case date: February 4, 2017
Location: West Point, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Historic

Report #572 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED] West Point, VA 23181,

West Point VA 23181


We were offered the opportunity to conduct research at the [REDACTED] in West Point, VA.  A date was set and a team was assembled (Brad Bradley, Kenny Newsome, Richard Bowen +1, Rhonda Ritzel).

HQ was established in the [REDACTED] building to the West of the [REDACTED].  DVR cameras were setup to cover all corners of the [REDACTED].  A live monitor DR05 recorder was placed on the West side, a tablet recorder was placed on the East side and another recorder was placed in the [REDACTED] of the North side.  The tablet recorder also contained environmental sensors (mag field, accelerometer and light).  A PASCO environmental datalogger unit (voltage, temp, humidity, BP, Light) was placed in the North [REDACTED].  A sensor block (temp, humidity, BP, light, UV) was placed in the West [REDACTED].  A geiger counter datalogger was placed in the central part [REDACTED], just below [REDACTED].

Report #573 – Personal Report by Brad Bradley

A team consisting of Brad, Kenny and Richard entered the [REDACTED] on an excursion and conducted a scenario whereby Richard and Brad were against the British crown and Kenny was a loyalist.  During this scenario many bangs and thumps were observed, more than other excursions.  Some of these were observed by HQ via live monitor, but not heard by the team.  Also, there was the sound of a gun cocking, not observed the rest of the night.  During the scenario, there was an increase in ionizing radiation in the room from 18cpm to 38cpm.  Post scenario, this dropped back to 18cpm.

Report #574 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor – West [REDACTED] near door – auto gain set
170204_0158.wav (start 3:56:30pm, end 7:19:17pm)

170204_0159.wav (start 7:19:17pm, end 10:42:04pm)
1:39:34 (8:58pm) – musical notes
2:27:37 (9:46pm) – musical notes
2:58:16 (10:17pm) – clicking (gun?) detected by team in building.
170204_0160.wav (start 10:42:04pm, end 11:08:05pm)

Tablet – East [REDACTED] Area – no auto gain
rec_20170204-2315.wav (start 3:45:30pm, end 10:74:85pm)
1:28:15 (5:13pm) – Bang (pew?) many of these, some louder, throughout the night.
1:37:16 (5:22pm) – click. many of these, some louder, throughout the night.
1:47:55 (5:32pm) – small click followed 5 seconds later by loud click.
5:44:27 (8:59pm) – Loud bang 
5:59:28 (9:44pm) – Electronic pop

Olympus – Outside – No auto gain
VN620096.wma (start 3:56:30pm, end 11:04:29pm)

Olympus – HQ – No auto gain
WS710181.MP3 (start 6:54:00pm, end 11:04:03pm)

Report #575 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Datalogger Analyses:                                  

Tablet West [REDACTED] (start 3:45:50pm)
9:44pm – Magnetic field fluctuation on the x, y and z axes. Corresponds to electronic pop on tablet recording.

Sensor Block East [REDACTED] (start 3:49:50pm)
7:10:50pm – Sharp negative humidity dip and recovery.  Brad and Kenny in location, but were not near sensor block and did not perform any task that should have caused a dip in humidity.  This will have to be correlated with PASCO unit.

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