Case status: Open
Case date: February 1, 2017
Location: Richmond, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #568 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED] Richmond, VA 23223



Historic Reference: [REDACTED]

CPRI was asked to investigate claims of paranormal activity in [REDACTED] after some [REDACTED] attended a lecture provided by CPRI to Historic Richmond Foundation. [REDACTED] was contacted and he agreed to proceed. [REDACTED] asked Brad Bradley to attend a breakfast meeting to help explain what CPRI does to the membership. This was accomplished and, after the breakfast, a POI date of 2/1/17 was established. A team consisting of Brad, Rick Atristain, Allen Slonaker and Jack Trammell attended the POI with all mobile equipment. [REDACTED] was also present and gave the team a historic tour.

An FOI headquarters location was determined in the back yard of the building. A tent will be employed there in the future. It was also determined that we will have to be cognizant of street noise while in the building. An outside recorder will have to be setup to account for this noise in the future. HVAC in the building will also need to be turned off while we are active in the building in the future to reduce noise and stray EMF.

Anomalous EMF readings of between 1 and 10 MG were recorded throughout the buildings. The higher readings being on the 3rd floor and the lower readings being in the basement, decreasing exponentially as we proceeded down from floor to floor. Indication was that these readings were created by bad wiring. However, a Trifield meter was then deployed and a geomagnetic field of similar intensities at the same locations was detected. These readings also seemed to pulse in intensity. Interestingly, the Trifield meter was very sensitive to human proximity while in the building, but not so much while outside the building. Magnetometer dataloggers were deployed, both in the basement and the third floor meeting room, so we’ll see if they detect the pulsing reported by the Trifield meter.

Some small sound anomalies were also detected and will be subjected to review.

Report #569 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet datalogger located in the basement foyer showed a 1-2MG cyclic fluctuation in the x and z axes of the magnetometer data. Nothing unusual was reported in the sensors.

Report #570 – Initial Comments and Impressions by Allen Slonaker

Responded to assist Brad, Jack and Rick with the POI on 2/1/17. The building showed very high levels of EMF which I agree are likely the result of some type of yet undetermined electrical issue. I conducted live monitoring via Jack’s DR-05 during a walk-through of the building. Nothing unusual was detected at that time. It should be noted that the noise generated by the HVAC system was substantial.

I noticed some shadow play while walking from through the third floor foyer into the [REDACTED]. This was near the stairway landing to the second floor. It is my strong suspicion that this was the result of shadows being cast by outside objects and was not paranormal in nature.

Based on the reports relayed to us by [REDACTED] during the POI the activity in the building seems sporadic and largely visual in nature. My initial assessment is that the activity is minimal and residual.

I concur with the suggestion that any FOI be conducted in with the power turned off to the entire building if that is possible.


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