Case status: Closed
Case date: January 21, 2017
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Residence

Report #554 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED] Charlottesville, VA 22902



[REDACTED] asked us back to her home on 1/21/17 as there had been an uptick in reported activity.  Team was arranged consisting of Brad Bradley, Tommy Amos, Allen Slonaker, Davis Phaup, Amanda Phaup, Ladona Gorham, Sandie Ange, Mike Magner and Leslie Moses.

– 6pm – Arrive.  Begin static equipment setup.
– 8pm – Begin surveillance.

HQ was in the garage again.  There were two DVRs.  Mike’s cameras were placed on the first floor.  Brad’s cameras were placed on the second floor.

Two static live monitor DR05 voice recorders were used, one on the first floor and one on the second.  Another DR05 was placed on the back porch for environmental reference.  A tablet recorder was placed on the top step.  Multiple mobile DR05s were employed during excursions.

A sensor block (temp/humidity/BP/Light/UV) was placed at the top of the steps.  A tablet datalooger (vibration/mag/Light) was placed on the top step.  Temp/humidity dataloggers were placed in the living room, first floor sitting room, master bedroom and child’s bedroom.  A geiger counter datalogger was placed on the second floor landing and the first floor.

Report #555 – Personal Note by Brad Bradley

After tearing down for the night around 12:45am, most team members had left.  Tommy, Brad, Allen and Amanda were still there.  Tommy then indicated that he thought he saw Ladona in one of the trucks, but it turns out Ladona had already left and the truck in question (Amanda’s) was empty and locked.

While discussing this occurrence, Allen noticed movement in the window of the 2nd floor baby’s room.  Brad then entered the building to check it out, followed by Allen and then Amanda, Tommy and the homeowner.  Nothing was found, but some odd noises occurred. Everyone retreated to the living room to observe and further noises occurred.  Allen ventured into the kitchen with the homeowner and Brad, Tommy and Amanda detected an animal growl coming from the area between the living room and hall.  Allen did not detect it.  Then, while everyone was sitting in the living room, a shadow was detected several times by team members passing through the area between the living room and the hall.

All team members left an hour later and then Brad and Allen detected more shadow play in the window of the baby’s room while driving down the driveway.

Report #556 – Closure Statement by Brad Bradley

Due to the spiritual dangers at the location because of continuous dabbling in Wicca and Ouija by the homeowner, CPRI has decided to cease data collection activities there.  It was recommended to the homeowner that she stop these activities and get the help of someone well versed in nonhuman entities.

Report #557 – Summary of Effects on Team Members by Brad Bradley

While examining the recordings of the entity’s name, Brad experienced what sounded like a lighting strike within the room that could not be accounted for.  This sound was so loud it vibrated the desk and could be heard even with headphones on.                                  

Email compilation of effects on team members by Tommy Amos:

I would like to thank each and every one of you that participated in this investigation.  And, I want to thank you for not discussing this case openly for the last day or so.  Finally, I want to thank each of you that reached out to me to describe activity that you may have experienced off-site that has caused you concern.  As of this email, my request to not discuss this openly is lifted.  Feel free to discuss this with any and all CPRI members.

As each of you were aware, this site has always came with a warning that activity on this site could turn bad at any time.  And, we had predicted that it would eventually do so.  [REDACTED] was aware of this but continued to dismiss it.  As of our investigation this past Saturday night, we believe that an ominous name was obtained during an EVP session.  The investigator reported to Brad, Bobbie, Rick and myself that he received a name in response to one of his questions. The recording was reviewed by each of us and analyzed by Brad.  Brad concluded that the voice print did not match any investigator.  The name received was “Zo”.

Flags immediately went up when that information was revealed.  Zozo is a demonic name that is often associated with Ouija board use.  As you know, [REDACTED] periodically uses her Ouija board.  After receiving this information, I requested personal experience reports. These reports enabled us to reasonably conclude that this case carried too great a risk to investigators.  Thus, [REDACTED] has been informed that CPRI was dropping our continued research in this case due to the possibility that a demonic presence has now taken up residence in the home.  [REDACTED] was informed that we would reconsider our position and possibly seek assistance for her when she is finally ready to permanently stop all dabbling activities and ready to accept the assistance.  [REDACTED] is not happy about this.  If any of you get contacted by her, refer her to contact Brad.

I am sure you all are curious about the reports I received concerning off-site activity that may be related to this case.  Bear in mind that time is not linear in the spiritual realm.  As early as two weeks out, the daughter of one investigator began using the nickname of zozo for her personal character in a new video game.  She was quickly educated on the demonic connections to that name and she changed it.  An investigator went outside Friday night and had something unseen growl at them.  This growl was not familiar to the investigator and did cause concern.  An investigator’s daughter had a melt down the night before the investigation, the likes of which she had never done before. Following the investigation, an investigator had an uneasy feeling for a couple of days.  They felt like something was constantly watching them.  This concerned them so much that they slept with the lights on. This investigator experienced nausea and sinus pain the night before the investigation.  Their children had nightmares following the investigation which caused them to remain emotionally upset the following day.  While on the way home, two investigators came upon a bad accident on the interstate.  Had it not been for the apparition being spotted in the truck prior to leaving, the investigators would have had a greater chance to have been caught up in that accident.  Another investigator felt like something touched them on their head while traveling home from the investigation.  They couldn’t reasonably account for it.  A couple of investigators reported restlessness following the investigation.  One had a big fight with their spouse following the investigation.  As I write this, I know I have missed several other points of concern, but I think this list covers it fairly well.

Due to the fact that we have officially dropped this case, I do not believe any of us will receive further attacks.  If, IF, the list above was indeed attacks, things should settle down.  Truthfully, we will never know for certain if these experiences were attacks.  I would rather we err on the side of caution, instead of continuing and someone getting hurt. If any of you need suggestions on things that you can do to help protect yourself from continued attacks, please feel free to reach out to this group.

If any of you want to include your personal experiences in the database, you are welcome to do so.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Report #558 – Post Investigation Report by Tommy Amos

I participated in the investigation of the house on [REDACTED] on January 21st, 2017.  I assisted with setting up various equipment for the investigation.  This included a speaker system that would allow base to use a microphone and it would come out on the speakers in the house.

I participated in a one hour+ venture into the house with Brad and Allen.  I live monitored my DR-05 recorder and will report on the finding at a later time.  We spent an extensive amount of time in the living room.  While sitting in the corner directly opposite the kitchen, which was dark, my attention kept getting abruptly drawn back to the kitchen.  It was as if I was noticing something move but couldn’t see anything.  Allen confirmed that he had also noticed the same thing. Brad assisted with some testing to verify that I could not see anything in the kitchen but could see movement.

At one point, while live monitoring, I thought I had heard a female voice, sigh or moan.  I was able to verify that after we returned to base.  I also noticed a couple other audio anomalies that will require a more thorough analysis from proper audio processing software to validate my initial suspicions.

After the investigation was complete, I went to assist Leslie with getting turned around so she could leave.  During this time, Davis and Angie left on their vehicles.  There was still one truck running and I observed whom I thought was Ladona sitting in the driver’s seat.  I could see a side profile of her head, shoulders, portions of her arms, and her hands.  I observed what I believed to be Ladona working with something near the steering wheel or dash.  After 2-3 minutes, she leaned toward the passenger seat and went out of view.

While this was transpiring, I was talking with Leslie.  Several times I commented that Ladona was getting her electronics ready and will be pulling away anytime.  After a couple more minutes passed, I became concerned because I had not seen Ladona.  I approached the truck and looked through the window.  There was no on in there.

I went back to the other members in the back yard to find out if they had seen Ladona.  They said she had already left with Davis.  I asked about the truck.  Amanda said it’s her truck.  I informed her what I had seen and recommended that she do whatever she deems appropriate to deal with the situation.  We all walked with her to her truck.  She opened the door and ordered that whatever I saw to get out of the truck and not follow her home.

I then assisted Leslie in getting her car turned around so she could leave.  Our small group remained at Amanda’s truck with the [REDACTED] discussing what had just transpired.  After a few minutes, Allen began noticing lighting changes in an upstairs window, in the baby’s room.  After others also noticed it, we all quickly went up to the room to check into it.

Nothing was found in the upper room to account for the lighting changes.  We then went downstairs and decided to spend a few minutes sitting in the living room.  Brad, Amanda and myself went into the living room and stopped just inside of the door. Allen, [REDACTED] and her dog went into the Kitchen.  Brad, Amanda and I immediately heard a loud growl just outside the living room door leading to the hall.  Allen and [REDACTED] did not hear a growl and said it wasn’t the dog.

We began sitting in the living room and remained there for around 45 minutes.  While sitting in there, everyone except [REDACTED] could see movement out of their peripheral vision, of a dark figure close to the floor, pass by the living room hallway door very quickly. Sometimes, instead of flashing by the door, it would seem to take a quick peek and duck back from the same direction it came.  This too eventually subsided.

After the activity stopped, all of us except [REDACTED] left the property.

Report #559 – Personal Report of Off-Site Impact Due to Participation by Tommy Amos

I believe the following activities may be related to the investigation at [REDACTED].  I believe the activity concerning my daughter was either a covert attempt to manipulate my daughter or a warning of impending danger on this case.

Approximately two weeks prior to the investigation this past Saturday, my oldest daughter was having dinner at a local restaurant with my wife.  She was telling my wife about her new character she had created for a video game she received at Christmas.  She said its name is Soey and indicated that it was a creative variation of Zoey.  She said that she used soso for the nickname.  Needless to say, my wife’s eyes lit up.  My wife gave my daughter a history of Zozo and its relation to Ouija board activities.  My daughter promptly changed her character’s name and nickname as soon as she arrived home.

About a week before the investigation, my wife was given the option to attend a Virginia Education Association conference in Richmond that was scheduled for this past weekend.  She was tempted to accept this invitation by an off-cuff remark that the VEA is looking for a new regional President.  She broached the subject with me multiple times, wanting me to tell her she could go.  Now, I think this is the important part.  I always make a way for my wife to advance her career or professional standing, even if it means I have to cancel my personal plans.  For some odd reason, I keep telling her it won’t be possible because I must attend this investigation.  I would walk away thinking how I was being a royal ass.  I was actually concerned that I might be changing emotionally in some way.  I felt really bad about it but could not make myself change my mind.  She accepted it gracefully and didn’t even raise a counter point to change my mind.  She always has a counter point ready when it comes to something as important as this. All of that was completely NOT like either of us.  After the post-investigation facts surfaced, I believe my choice could have saved a life (see the next statement).

After leaving the site approximately 1.5 hours later than intended, which was due to a chain of events that started with me seeing an apparition in Amanda’s truck, I passed what looked to have been a very bad accident on the Interstate.  Portions of both lanes were already blocked off by multiple rescue vehicles and cones.  It appeared that the accident had not just happened shortly before I passed by.  It looked like the investigation and clean-up was still under way.  I can’t help but wonder if Amanda, who took that same route home, would have been involved in that accident if I had not been present for this investigation. The way the investigation broke up, I don’t believe anyone else would have spotted the apparition in Amanda’s truck if I hadn’t been there.  Of course, we will never know.

Report #560 – Personal Impressions/Experiences by Ladona Gorham

The night before the investigation, I opened the back door to let our corgi back inside so we could all go to bed.  The dog was out in the left hand side of the yard,  As I stepped out onto our deck to look for him, I heard a growl from the right side of the yard. It is a sound I have never heard before.  I called for our dog and he came immediately up on the deck and ran inside. 

​I went inside and told Jeff what I had heard and worried that it was a raccoon or an opposum and that it had tangled with the dog. We checked our dog out and there was no sign of a fight or altercation.

Jeff went out on the deck and as soon as he did, the growl happened again..and again.  Jeff is a lifelong outdoorsman and he said he had never heard that particular sound before.  He came back inside and got a handgun and put on shoes.  I stayed on the deck.  I did not hear the animal leave and when Jeff checked the yard, nothing could be found.

During the investigation, I felt that this night felt different from the previous two visits.  While I helped set up equipment, I did not enter the house until almost midnight with a team of female investigators and [REDACTED],

The house felt cozy and warm and I felt like I could actually fall asleep in the living room as we sat there talking.

I was so relaxed that it took me a moment to realize that it felt like my chair was rocking or swaying front and back.  It was a comforting, hypnotic motion and it took me a few moments to realize I shoukd probably report it to HQ.  It could have been a figment of my imagination but thought it could be checked to see if it correlated with any other data.

I did not experience anything else that evening.

One other small item of interest.  I refused to drive my car onto the property due to the possibility that my last visit there may have “affected” it to the point I had to trade it in despite it being less than 2 years old.

When Davis dropped me off at the hospital parking lot, he waited until I was in, started the car, and then I followed him out of the parking lot and down to the point where he got on I-64.  As soon as I lost sight of him, my low tire pressure light came on and I had an hour drive home where the whole time I was nervous I was about to experience a tire issue.  The next morning, Jeff checked my tires and my left front was much lower than any of the others.

[REDACTED] – Personal FOI Report by Mike Magner

I arrived at the Residence at 6:15 pm on 21 Jan 2017.  Upon arrival of the other team members, I set up equipment as follows:

​1. Humidity/Temperature (HT) Data Loggers:  3 on first floor of the house (small hallway outside kitchen, back living room, and den) and 1 on the second floor (master bedroom on the bed). 

​2. Cameras: 4 Visible/IR light cameras were set up on the 1st floor (main hallway pointed away from kitchen towards far doorway, entrance to back living room – pointed towards couch, in the den pointed towards the playroom off the kitchen, and 1 at the bottom of the staircase pointed up the stairs).

​3. Audio recorders – 1 was set up in the house on the 1st floor in the small hallway outside the kitchen.  1 was set up in HQ as a control.

Personal experiences/impressions:  throughout the investigation, I did not see or hear or experience anything that I would classify as “paranormal” and when I left at about 12:45pm I left thinking that the investigation was a “total bust”.  I did not have any paranormal experiences prior to, or after the investigation. I state this not to discount or shed doubt on the reports of other investigators, but merely to complete the record.  I have not had a chance to fully review the physical collected as of this time (25 Jan 2017 at 7:45pm).

Report #563 – General Summary to Include Post Visit Email Discussions by Davis Phaup

I arrived to the location with Ladona shortly before 6 pm.  We waited in my vehicle as instructed until Tommy arrived on scene.  Shortly after Tommy arrived, several of us introduced or reacquainted ourselves with [REDACTED] and talked generally about the experiences she has had about the house.

I noted to several people that I could smell alcohol on her breath.  I was told by others that this was not an uncommon experience.  Generally from this point forward, I was highly skeptical of many of the stories I had heard of this location.  During the entire evening, I felt extremely comfortable and experienced a lot of boredom until we finally decided to wrap things up at midnight.  I assisted with the complete breakdown of equipment in the house, and helped Brad and others load up all of their equipment in their cars.  I remotely started my own Truck which is the same model as my sister’s and left the house at approximately 12:40 am with Ladona riding with me back to her car at Martha Jefferson Hospital parking lot in C-Ville.  When we left the house, we had just told everyone goodbye, and I was under the impression that the remaining investigators, were soon to follow us away from the property.

Other important information, I had holy water and my blessed Rosary on my person the entire night and I had blessed my vehicle and myself with the holy water prior to visiting the property.  In hindsight, I feel that If this presence is “real”, then I believe that my protections were stronger than it could overcome.  I believe it is extremely ironic that activity at the house dramatically escalated immediately after Ladona and I left.

What follows is an email transcript of my post-data evaluation with Tommy, Brad, and Rick Atristain regarding an interesting EVP I received while investigating with Mike and Amanda in the downstairs tv room.  I captured 12 EVPs of interest during a 31 minute recording session while with Amanda and Mike.  At least 3 EVPs are “extremely” interesting. All are posted in the Data Repository:

Brad Bradley <[REDACTED]>  Jan 23 at 8:06 PM
To: Davis Phaup
Message body
I got your link on the other email and was using that when I enhanced your clip with the entity name on it.  Per my previous response to your email, it looks like those responses are legitimate.  However, be very careful reviewing your clips.  While working with your response clip, a very loud crack occurred in my office that startled me.  It was as if a lightning bolt had hit.  There was no explanation for it, so I stopped messing with the clip.

Robert “Brad” Bradley
Research Coordinator

​On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 6:33 PM Davis Phaup <[REDACTED]> wrote:

Per your guidance, this response is just to you.  If you wish to share with Rick or Brad, then that will be up to you.

My personal experience occurred at 1:32 am on my drive home in my truck.  I believe Ladona and I had left the home somewhere between 1230-1240 am and I must have left Ladona at her vehicle at approximately 1 am (we met at the Martha Jefferson hospital off Rte 250 Shadwell/Charlottesville exit).  While driving home alone, I felt something rub across the top of my head from back right to front right. The sensation was almost as if when you have hair that has been compressed down by a hat or from being wet, then the hair springs back when the hat is removed or hair dries.

To qualify the above and because of the rain/fog, I did have my knit skull cap on when I left in my truck, but removed it shortly after dropping Ladona off.  At the time of the experience, I chalked it up to the above theory of “hair spring back”, but this actually happened more than 30 minutes after removing my hat.  Again, I did not think it was significant, but I made a mental note to note the time of the occurrence:  1:32 am.   I have since checked the interior of my truck and determined without doubt that nothing could have “physically” rubbed the top of my head, so I am left with the 2 theories (hair springback, or something else).  When fully seated with excellent posture, my head is a good 5-6 inches from the truck ceiling and the sensation could not have come from the headrest.  

The only other issues of note since I left is lack of sleep since Saturday, but that may be due to other things including new job responsibilities that started today.   I was wide awake at 7 am Sunday, and tossed and turned most of last night.

Other items for you to consider:  Because of the foreknowledge of the home, I did bring holy water and my rosary along with me on the investigation.  This is the first time I have ever done this in the 12 years with the group.   I am Catholic, but I will confess that I am not a regular at Mass by any means.   Before the investigation, I blessed the truck with one crossing on my ceiling with holy water, and I do recall blessing myself before the ride home.   Both the rosary and holy water were in my direct possession during the entirety of the investigation, and I now suspect that may have been a very wise decision.

I will further confess that I was told of the risks of this home prior to our visit, but I don’t think I fully comprehended the seriousness of what was going on there.  Having left before “the main event” I left there thinking the previous activity was as much a product of [REDACTED] own activities, but now I am not so sure.

I would like to continue involvement in the house as this type of activity is of great interest to me, but really think some of us (me included) need firm training and procedures before returning.  We had probably twice the number of people there as we should have, and I don’t think many of us fully knew the risks.  For example, there should be absolutely no provocation of any kind on that property.  It would not hurt to provide guidance on how one could protect themselves before entering the property.

I am going to further evaluate the recording I have and see if I find anything else of interest.  If any further data come out, I will send that to you and Brad.  I hope Brad also reviews the 31 minutes of recording I provided…a separate set of ears might help.

If you want to talk about this, my cell number is [REDACTED]


From: Davis Phaup <[REDACTED]>
To: Tommy Amos <[REDACTED]>; Rick Atristain <[REDACTED]
Cc: Robert Bradley <[REDACTED]>
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2017 10:58 AM

Subject: Re: I need your thoughts on this [REDACTED] EVP

Thank you, Tommy.  Work is extremely busy for me today so I will update you three this evening when I get home.   I did have one personal experience on the drive home after dropping Ladonna off at her car that I noted/time-stamped and will further elaborate on as well. Could be nothing, could be significant.  At the time I was completely unaware of what was going on after we left the home.

Brad, you might want to take further listens to the other EVP’s I submitted…The entire session was only 31 minutes.

I will honestly say again that I knew nothing about this so-called demon prior to my research, but something nagged at me all day to research it because I knew the voice was not saying the common responses of “No” or “Go”.  It definitely sounded to me like “Zo” or perhaps “So”.  I thought it odd enough to google, and was really surprised at all of the information found.

If you wish that I only send the personal experience to just you (Tommy), please let me know.    I was very skeptical of the reports I was hearing from my sister and you guys following my departure, but as I have often found out, you don’t realize a lot of paranormal activity has occurred until you research it later.   Another lesson learned.


From: Tommy Amos <[REDACTED]>
To: davisp3 <[REDACTED]>; Rick Atristain <[REDACTED]
Cc: Robert Bradley <[REDACTED]>
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2017 10:18 AM
Subject: Re: I need your thoughts on this [REDACTED] EVP

Hi Davis,

You did very good research on the name Zo.  I am very familiar with this particular demonic reference.  First, let me reiterate what Rick said…do not give it much recognition.

From the information I have, and contrary to accepted belief, that particular demon is quick to state its name.  It’s as though it uses its name as a threat.  Most encounters end terribly for the person that invited it in, whether or not the invite was intentional.  Additionally, others nearby can also be significantly affected.  [REDACTED] has previously been warned by multiple members including Rick and myself.  [REDACTED] was made aware that her dabbling would likely result in a demonic infestation or worse.  She is aware that I am personally monitoring her case from this perspective to see if it follows the course I described to her year’s ago.

Shadow activity has picked up significantly in the home for the past year.  After we tore down, and you had left, things picked up a lot. Brad, Allen, Amanda and myself watched shadow activity for nearly an hour.  These shadows are more easily detected through peripheral vision at this point.  As it progresses, they will be visible straight on.

Based solely on the activity after we tore down Saturday, I have suggested that a portal has been left opened in the home in the doorway between the hallway and the living room.  [REDACTED] often will use the Ouija board in the living room.  She is aware of the possible portal.  And, this is the clincher, she is not concerned.  She doesn’t believe anything bad is going to happen.

Thanks for sharing that audio you captured.  Any further investigations of this property will carry our standard warning that demonic activity is likely for this case.  That particular demon causes me significant concern.  That demon, whether it is a single entity or class of demons, act out very quickly and turn the site into a living nightmare.


On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 6:23 AM davisp3 <[REDACTED]> wrote:

Thanks, Rick.  We 3 did speak our names at the beginning of the session.  That is on the Master which I sent to Brad.   Thanks for the info.  I just thought it was really ironic what came through the recording.  If this is “real”  it could be throwing that name out there to mess with us.  It will be analyzed.

I agree that the client needs to stop dabbling.

Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

——– Original message ——–
From: Rick Atristain <[REDACTED]>
Date: 1/23/17 4:28 AM (GMT-05:00)
To: Davis Phaup <[REDACTED]>
Subject: Re: I need your thoughts on this [REDACTED] EVP

Hi Davis,

I’d get Brad to analyze it first. Do you have a segment where all involved state their names for control purposes? If so, I’d include that.

That name, ZoZo, has become quite popular and somewhat generic. If truly Demonic, it wouldn’t voluntarily give its name so quickly. It might be an “alias” for lack of a better term. In any event, don’t give it too much recognition. 

The clients are playing with fire and need to stop dabbling. Is sounds as if they have no intention of stopping or seeking help. It makes for a good laboratory environment, just don’t get ambushed.

If you need me for anything, just call.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmond Burke

On Jan 22, 2017, at 22:45, Davis Phaup <[REDACTED]> wrote:


I am only sending this information to you purely for your feedback, and I am not sure to what level this should be shared with the group at this point.   I think you know that I am one of the most skeptical people in the group, but something about this EVP capture really got me thinking today.   As you listen to the clip of me asking “what is your name?” before the question is completely asked, I thought I heard a male voice say “Zo” or perhaps “zoe” at about the 4 second point in the clip.  It is repeated at the 8 second mark.  I did not hear this while live monitoring the feed.

I had no idea what this may mean, but something about it bothered me most of the day.  A little while ago, I did some google searching and searched the phrase “demon zo”, and holy crap there is a lot of information that is returned on the “Ouija Board demon, ZoZo.” Coincidence?  Not sure myself, but wanted to pass this information on to you.  Links of some general information:   What is ZOZO?  

What is ZOZO?
Zozo for the last few years there has been a growing interest in ‘Zozo’, the supposed demonic entity…

Warning Signs of ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon |

Warning Signs of ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon |
By Tim Wood
Identifying the Warning Signs of ZoZo the Ouija Board Demon Everyday I get emails from viewers, and other Ouija …

This latter link, states that one name this thing (if real) could go by is “Zo”

Evidently, this has been discussed a lot on the web, but I have never heard of this.   I talked to my sister today and she said [REDACTED] had informed you guys during the late activity that she is still actively using the Board, and I thought this information was relevant.  Again, this is the first I have heard of this demon, as I have never really investigated Ouija board activity or had much experience dealing with negative entities.


<2017-01-21 [REDACTED] Downstairs TV Room 20_53_48.wav>

Report #564 – Personal FOI Report by Sandra Ange

Arrived about 6:00. I brought a young perspective member [REDACTED] with me. [REDACTED] was instructed not to enter the house. The homeowner [REDACTED] was very welcoming. I assisted with set-up. While outside during setup I noticed light fluctuations from the upstairs bathroom window, and Davis came over and observed as well. It was suggested to check the television upstairs. Several of us checked. The television had not been on. We actually had to change the HDMI cord to get it to play. Right when we got it started Brad asked us to be quiet because he heard a sigh as he was setting up. It took a minute for us to turn it off. I felt very comfortable while in the house and had no personal experiences before during or after the investigation. I spoke with [REDACTED] a few times on smoke breaks. [REDACTED] seemed concerned we would not believe her since nothing seemed to be happening. [REDACTED] told me that [REDACTED] acted very interested in Allen when they chatted and played with the dog while we were taking down equipment. Shortly after breaking down we went to the car to leave. As we were getting ready Mike told us others were waiting for me to move my car so they could leave so we hurried up and left. Very wet and dark ride home, and  we saw several bad accidents on the way, but generally uneventful.

​​Report #565 – Email Correspondences with [REDACTED] by Tommy Amos

[REDACTED] to me

Jan 26, 2017

Hi Tommy,

Brad gave me your email so I could ask for your help in getting rid of the dark entity that you guys encountered in my home last Saturday night. I’ve decided not to use the Ouija board, etc. to contact the dead & my goal is to get rid of any negative entities/energy that may reside here. My granddaughters safety & comfort is my main concern.

I would like to specifically get rid of “Zo” but not necessarily the benign entities that have been here for decades or longer. My opinion is that they deserve to live here with us in peace since they were here first.

I hope you can help because I feel awfully guilty about possibly bringing that negativity into our home, not to mention what happened to you guys the last time you were here. 

I would really appreciate your help!
Thank you & have a great day.



Reply to [REDACTED]

me to [REDACTED], bcc: Bobbie, Brad

Jan 28, 2017


Let me start by saying that we have appreciated being able to follow your case.  When we met with you in person to deliver our findings after our first full investigation, several of us, including myself, explained in great detail what we believed was happening on your property.  We explained that the activity is a direct result of your activities.  We explained that the situation would steadily grow worse if you chose to continue your activities.  You affirmatively stated that you had no intention of curtailing or ceasing your activities.  Based on that affirmation, I explained that something would eventually enter your home that would be demonic.  You insisted that you had everything under control.  I strongly urged you to contact a local Wicca group in order to learn how to continue your activities properly.  You explained that you had everything under control, were reading books and were doing it the right way.  I explained that I would like to continue to follow your case as the years progress to see if things would spiral downward and eventually, out of control.  You agreed.

Here are our observations of your case over the years as CPRI followed your case and provided periodic investigations to validate reported activity.  It was predicted that activity would increase.  We have seen activity increase steadily.  It was predicted that your family life would decline.  We have noticed significant changes in your demeanor that is indicative that your family life is not as solid now as it was when we first met.  It was predicted that dark forces would come into your home and have a dramatic impact on your physical and mental health.  We believe you are under greater stress now than you were when we first met.  It was predicted that demonic activity would become present. Based on evidence collected over the last three weeks, including our investigation of your property, we believe it is highly likely that a demonic force, commonly referred to as Zozo, has taken residency in your home.

I have carefully weighed all of the possible options that I could possibly recommend concerning your current situation.  Please note: CPRI will not accept any liability incurred, financially or otherwise, in any form by you and/or your family by following, or not following, any of these suggestions.  I recommend that you visit your family doctor and have a full physical evaluation.  I recommend that you get a referral from your doctor for a psychologist and discuss everything you are going through. I recommend that you seek family counseling in order to restrengthen the bond with your husband.  If you do these things, I believe you will be ready to take the following additional actions.

I recommend that you contact a local Wicca group and seek assistance closing the portal that may be within your home or on your property.  I recommend you seek to join the group as a Wicca practitioner.  I recommend that you work with the group’s leader to take the necessary actions to rid your home of ALL of the spirits, good and bad, that may be occupying your property.

You may be curious why I, as a Gnostic Christian, did not recommend Christian resources.  Frankly, I don’t believe it when you say that you are willing to stop everything.  Since those activities go against Christian doctrine of most established denominations, that excludes those as possible solutions to your case.  Additionally, I believe a Christian approach would take far too long to resolve your situation. Therefore, I recommended the alternative Wicca approach.  I believe if you take these actions things will improve for you.

Due to the severe impact on multiple CPRI investigators as a result of their assistance with the investigation of your home last Saturday, CPRI has decided to close your case and cease scheduling additional investigations.  I am very concerned that CPRI may lose some valuable investigators, by way of resignation, due to the impact this case has had on them.  Your case is only the second one that CPRI has ever had to close due to personal risks.  I hope this emphasizes to you the seriousness of your case IF our current suspicions are valid.

At this time, even though this case is closed, I do not want to cease communications.  There are less than five CPRI members that believe they have the spiritual fortitude to be able to maintain remote communications with you without subjecting themselves or their families to possible dark entity retaliation.  Therefore, I ask that you stop communication with other members and communicate directly with me.  I will act as the buffer in this situation.  Please let me know as you check off the items I have detailed for you in this email.

It is totally up to you on how to proceed.  If you choose to not take the recommended actions, I wish you all the best and will stop further communications.  Either way, it has truly been a pleasure working with you over the last few years.

Tommy Amos
Executive VP,
CPRI, Inc.

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