Case status: Open
Case date: January 14, 2017
Location: King George, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #430 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

[REDACTED], King George, VA 22485


***NOTE – Proprietor would not leave us in the building alone all night and resided in their bedroom on the south end of the main house from about 9pm on.

FOI on 1/14/17

Our HQ was in the far northern portion of the basement in the main house to mitigate contamination issues.  We hit both the main house and the old caretaker’s house due to the large amount of audible activity detected there last time. We left the house for excursions through an access door leading from the basement.  We also made excursions occasionally into the caretaker house which has no heat and only electricity on the ground floor.

DVR Setup:  Kenny’s 12 DVR cameras covered the inside of the main house (only one on the chess set this time).  Brad’s 6 DVR cameras in and outside the caretaker house.  Jack’s 4 DVR cameras covered the main house basement.

Audio recorders:  One live monitor DR05 on the first floor foyer of the main house and another one on the first floor of the caretaker house. Each was monitored at HQ via a set of computer speakers.  One set of speakers had a lighted display that activated when sound occurred. That allowed for us to distinguish between live monitor locations. Olympus recorders were placed in two locations on the first floor (cat room and outside the proprietor’s bedroom as a reference).  Another recorder was placed on the second floor landing.

Dataloggers:  The PASCO was placed on the second floor landing of the main house.  The sensor block was placed on the first floor of the caretaker house near the stairs. A tablet datalogger was placed on the second floor landing of the caretaker house.  Jack’s EMF and temp/humidity dataloggers were placed near the chess set.  A cell phone datalogger and another tablet datalogger were placed in each of the upstairs bedrooms of the main house.  A geiger counter datalogger was placed in the basement of the main house and on the first floor of the caretaker house.

​​Report #431 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Audio Analysis
Caretaker House Live Monitor – 1st Floor Living Room – Auto Gain
170114_0152.wav (start 4:39:20pm, end 8:02:07pm)
3:05:00 (7:44pm) – Bang
3:13:03 (7:52pm) – “Yoohoo” high pitched, behind two investigators talking.  This was not detected audibly by the investigators but was picked up by the 2nd recorder upstairs.

170114_0153.wav (start 8:02:07pm, end 11:24:54pm)
4:02 (8:06pm) – faint walking, voices
7:40 (8:09pm) – movement
12:22 (8:14pm) – multiple knocks and bangs
1:42:20 (9:44pm) – movement and running, like a child
1:49:40 (9:51pm) – “woo woo” voice
2:30:25 (10:32pm) – movement
3:09:04 (11:11pm) – door sound?

170114_0154.wav (start 11:24:54pm, end 2:07:09am)
20:05 (11:44pm) – crack and boom, very loud (there were two like this)

Caretaker House Tablet Recorder – 2nd Floor Landing – No Auto Gain
rec_20170115-2019.wav (start 4:47pm, end 12:17am)
2:49:06 (7:33pm) – door rattle?
2:56:40 (7:40pm) – loud bang.  These happened periodically throughout the recording, though not regular.

Mansion Live Monitor – 1st Floor Foyer.  Final file produced an error and did not save.  Low rumble from HVAC throughout recordings. May need to place live monitor in mansion on 2nd floor landing in future. – Auto Gain

DR0000_0004.wav (start 6:01pm, end 9:23pm)
2:59:10 (9pm) – movement and high pitched squeak

DR0000_0005.wav (start 9:23pm, end 12:15pm)

[REDACTED] Outside Proprietor Bedroom – Proprietors arrive sometime around 7:30pm and are in their room the rest of the night. No Auto Gain
VN620094.wma (start 6:10pm, end 1:40am)
1:39:36 (7:49pm) – movement – Proprietor or husband.

[REDACTED] Cat Room – No Auto Gain
WS710179.mp3 (start 6:10pm, end 1:40am)
2:03:32 (8:13pm) – knock
3:31:16 (9:41pm) – loud pop (see note below)
3:39:23 (9:49pm) – bang – door? (see note below)
***NOTE*** – These two sounds repeated themselves at the same time apart periodically throughout the night after the first time.

Report #432 – General Summary by John Trammell

My data loggers in the house all picked up anomalies that will be further examined.  During my first tour of the house investigating, I also had a personal experience.  As I opened the far basement door, I was greeted by a clatter of different noises which convinced me that something was rushing straight towards me.  The audio on my DR05 bears this out.  Note that speakers are in the ceiling of many rooms; we need to make sure they are not polluting evidence.  Note also the extreme activity in the caretaker’s house, which is presumably on the site of the old overseer’s house.

Report #433 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

All environmental dataloggers showed various anomalies that will be checked out versus the surveillance log and audio/video.

Sensor Block – 1st Floor Caretaker House (start 5:09pm)
All anomalies (visible light, temperature and humidity) were caused by team members on location.

Tablet Datalogger – 2nd Floor Caretaker House (start 4:48pm)
Accelerometer anomalies were caused by team onsite.
Light anomalies were caused by team onsite.
No magnetic anomalies were detected.

Geiger Counter – 1st floor Caretaker House (start 5:04:28pm)
Stayed pretty consistent around 23cpm.  No unusual spikes.

Geiger Counter – Basement of Mansion (start 6:10pm)
Stayed pretty consistent around 26cpm.  No unusual spikes.

EMF Datalogger – Library
Two spikes (8:53pm and 11:04pm) to be checked via audio and video. Audio indicated that there was radio traffic somewhere on the 1st floor during these times.

Environmental Datalogger – Library
No unexplained anomalies detected.

Temperature Datalogger – Library
No unexplained anomalies detected.

PASCO – 2nd floor mansion
No unexplained anomalies detected.

Report #434 – Personal Experiences by Ladona Gorham

When I first arrived at the location, I helped Brad set up his recorders and cameras in the caretaker house.  I placed the cameras in the upstairs bedrooms and spent quite a bit of time going up and down the stairs.

When I returned to the caretaker’s house later that night with Davis and Kenny, I noticed a plastic attachment (looked like a power washer attachment) that was partially on one of the lower stairs.  I noticed it because it had not been there earlier during the set-up. I forgot to mention it until Brad returned to the house later and mentioned that he hadn’t seen it earlier either.

While I was in the caretaker house with Davis and Kenny, we all heard a voice/sound.  I thought it was Davis as it came from the direction where he was standing…back by the green bedroom on the main floor.

During teardown, I was rolling up cable on the top floor and taking it downstairs to the main floor.  I was on the next to the last step and had paused for a moment when both of my feet felt as if they had been “swept out” from under me and I slipped down the last two steps and landed on my feet in the foyer.  Hayley witnessed this.  I hit my elbow on the bannister and it resulted in a lot of swelling and bruising.

Report #435 – Report 434 Addendum by Brad Bradley

In reference to the power washer attachment mentioned in report 716, video review has determined that it was on the stairs the entire time.

Report #436 – DR05 File Report by John Trammell

DR05 (Jack)01/14/2017 (01/15/2017)[REDACTED] CPRI
[DR0000_0049]Jack, Davis, Richard
0000 = 8:36:54 pm
-200-211 Jack and “herd” incident

839 pm-325-545-657 Sound like a twitter before Davis clicks camera

843 pm Jack heard -728 Floor sounds?

844 pm-732 Female voice

844 pm-840-1010-1235 Cabinet open but was it closed?-1400-1450 Trifield spikes on walkie -1520-1550 Do you like chess?  EVP Mr. Hooker answers

852 pm-1650-1820 HVAC-1825 female voice “this truth is”

855 pm-2120 Faint EVP

858 pm(Please stop making the fake cat noises!)-2725 heading upstairs, sigh, us-3040-3032 Jack hears a male voice

907 pm (couldn’t pick it up beyond faint on review)-3135-3400-3612 female voice Jack hears

913 pmDavis cold spot—but is it HVAC?-3753 Woman screaming

914 pm Jack heard-3935-4110-4144 First knock in response

918 pmSecond knockThird knock-4245-4302 Faint voice answers

919 pm-4525 Knock twice don’t stay

922 pm-4606 2 knocks leave-4945 another cold spot blowing on Davis’s hand-5045-5150 another cold spot, Jack is there something moving around-5240 ice cold right here…-5310-5640-5745 END

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