Case status: Open
Case date: February 12, 2017
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #576 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

​As part of the reciprocal agreement between CPRI and [REDACTED], set up a data collection project there on 7/11/17.  More details will posted in later posts.  Contact information is below.  Team was Brad Bradley, Richard Bowen, Mike Magner (+2), Rhonda Ritzel, Kenny Newsome.  HQ was placed in the [REDACTED] area and excursions into the building passed through the [REDACTED] room door.

Address: [REDACTED], Surry, VA 23883




Report #578 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

The focus of dataloggers for this project was the [REDACTED] and the 2nd floor North room of the 1829 slave quarters.

PASCO (start 4:54pm)
8:38pm – temperature deflected 1 degree above baseline.  Deflection lasted about 1 second.  Shown on both sensors.  No one was in [REDACTED].  Not reproduced on the HT dataloggers at the edges of the [REDACTED].

​Phone datalogger (start 7:35pm) – Data did not save.

​Geiger Counter (start 5:18pm)
9:25pm – spike in CPM from 11 to 34 while team was there.  Returned to baseline after a few minutes.  Actually began at 9:24pm and peaked at 9:25pm and fell back to 11 by 9:26pm.

​HT dataloggers
No anomalies.

1829 Slave Quarters 2nd floor north room:

Sensor Block (start 4:25pm)
5:44pm to 10:19pm – % Humidity fluctuations of 1% to 2% lasting 10 minutes each.  Very regular.  No HVAC in building and it is open to the outside environment.  This was not reproduced on humidity sensors in [REDACTED].

​Geiger Counter (start 4:04pm)
5:47pm – CPM spike from 10 to 29.  Team away at dinner.
7:06pm – CPM spike from 10 to 29.  Team away at dinner.

Tablet datalogger (start 4:27pm)
5:45pm – magnetic field deflection on all axes.
9:57pm – smaller magnetic field deflection on all axes.
10:57pm – 31lux light spike.  No one was in or near building.

Report #579 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor, 2nd Floor Slave Quarters – Card ran out of memory early.
DR0000_0032.wav (start 4:28:30pm, end 7:51:17pm)
12:51 (4:40pm) – movement for several seconds and male voice.
19:16 (4:47pm) – movement for several seconds (happens periodically all evening)
23:07 (4:51pm) – door latch and opening
1:42:18 (6:10pm) – bang (happens periodically all evening)
2:37:14 (7:05pm) – voice

DR0000_0033.wav (start 7:51:17pm, end 10:46:24pm)
57:59 (8:49pm) – gurgle?

DR05 Live Monitor in the [REDACTED] – battery died at 11:18pm

170211_0161.wav (start 3:20:00pm, end 6:42:47pm)
52:14 (4:12pm) – squeal while team talking. Not heard.

170211_0162.wav (start 6:42:47pm, end 10:05:34pm)
2:41:44 (9:23pm) – voice in background while team speaking.  Not heard.
2:43:02 (9:25pm) – whine heard by team.

170211_0163.wav (start 10:05:34pm, end 11:18:00pm)
5:05 (10:10pm) – drop and bounce

Report #580 – Video Analysis by Brad Bradley

Slave Quarters DVR:
1_05_H_170211200324.avi – Camera 5 – 20:03:24 – something moves past camera.  Not a bug.

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