Chiswell Buck Trout Kitchen in Williamsburg, Va

First, let me introduce myself, my name is Bill* and I am a father and IT professional living in Orlando, Florida.

My Mom and Dad, who also live in Orlando are visiting Colonial Williamsburg this week. My Mom, a Gifted and Talented Middle School Social Studies teacher, has been in CW for about a week facilitating a class for other teachers as part of a grant she received

Orb andCrop CircleMy Dad just flew up yesterday to spend a few days with her at CW and Monticello, and then the two of them will be picking up my daughters in the DC area and flying back to Orlando with them.

The reason for this e-mail is I wanted to ask about something my Dad experienced last night. I took it upon myself to do a little web research after he called me this morning and found your site. By the way, you have an amazing web site. Anyway, my Dad called me this morning describing an experience he had. For what it’s worth, my Dad is 54 years old and has never experienced anything paranormal in his life. He’s not the kind of guy to even think about believing in “ghosts”, He works for Disney, is a father to me and my brother, and a grandfather to my two daughters. He’s a pretty down-to-earth guy. His biggest joy in life other than his kids and grand kids is his yellow lab.

At any rate, my Mom and Dad are staying at the Williamsburg Inn in the “Chiswell Buck Trout Kitchen”, a building separated fom the “main” hotel. From what I understand, it is an old slave kitchen that is now a guest room. I am going to do a little more research on the site, but I wanted to get you this e-mail first.

So here’s what happened, my father was awakened in the middle of the night by what he describes as a “screeching, screaming noise”, as if something was yelling at him. He then looked up to see a “black cloud” that was shaking violently over his bed. The noise was coming from this cloud, as if it were trying deliberately to scare him. He said ina panic he took a swipe at it with an open palm, and then it was gone. He immediately woke my Mom up and told her what had happened. This was at 4:30 this morning. They stayed in the room with the lights on until the sun came up and then requested a room change. The manager of the hotel said something to the effect of “these things are not ours to question” and immediately gave them a new room. My mom, for what it’s worth, we disappointed as she had been in the room all week without experiencing anything like this, and thought the room was really neat.

My Dad was very careful as he described this not to overstate what he experienced. He said it did not have a definite form, but that it was making the loud noise. I asked him if it could have been a dream. He said maybe, but he did not think so. He described how it was unlike being awaken by a “bad dream” in that he was wide awake when he saw this “cloud”

I don’t want to make more out of it than what it was, so I’ll stop there. Does this mean anything at all to you? If you would like to discuss this with my Dad, I’m sure he will be happy to speak with you.

Have you had an experience at the Chiswell Buck Trout Kitchen in Williamsburg? If you have please leave a comment.

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