Case status: Open
Case date: Sep 21, 2019
Location: Colonial Heights, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #840 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

Colonial Heights, VA 23834

This site requested that we perform a data collection project due to reports of shadow figures, sounds and uneasy feelings. A date of 9/21/19 was set for this project and a team was assembled.

Plan Outline:
5pm – Arrive at site and perform survey.
5:30pm – Setup static equipment.
6:30pm – Break for dinner.
7:30pm – Begin surveillance.

Because the building is relatively small, HQ will be in a tent in the lawn as far away from the building as we can get to reduce contamination.

DVR: We’ll be using Kenny’s DVR setup and will determine camera placement upon arrival.
Audio: We’ll be using a DR05 as a live monitor for this one and will determine other recorder placement upon arrival. Dataloggers: If anyone has purchased one of the EDI dataloggers, please bring it. I would also like to use Kenny’s PASCO as well as our Geiger counters. We’ll be determining placement of these upon arrival.

Report #842 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

EDI+ (T/H/BP, EMF, Geophone) – 1st North room – (Start 5:29:00pm, End 11:14:14pm)
5:49:20pm – large Geophone spike (>1000) when no one was in the room.
8:36:04pm – large negative spike in temperature and BP. This didn’t occur any other time during the surveillance period and no one was in the building.

Tablet Datalogger (Vibration, Magnetic Field, Light) Central Basement (start 6:55:27pm)

Report #843 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet Recorder – Central Basement (Start 6:55:00pm, End 10:55:07pm)
49:37 (7:44pm) – metallic clank. Happens multiple times over several minutes.
1:40:12 (8:35pm) – bang unlike previous building sounds.

DR05 – 1st floor hallway
190921_0262.wav (Start 6:17:30pm, end 9:40:18pm)
42:38 (7pm) – voice? (not crazy cat lady)
59:09 (7:16pm) – musical tones?
2:10:08 (8:27pm) – voice? deeper
190921_0263.wav (Start 9:40:18pm, End 11:17:40pm)
12:40 (9:52pm) -Whistling?
16:08 (9:56pm) – Breathy whisper?
16:27 (9:56pm) – Movement!

Olympus – Basement [REDACTED] Room
VN620129.wma (Start 6:26:30pm, End 11:21:37pm)
3:31:00 (9:57pm) – footsteps from above heard by team.

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