Case status: Open
Case date: Feb 23, 2019
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Address: [REDACTED], Surry, VA 23883



Report #780 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

CPRI was given the opportunity to conduct experiments at [REDACTED] on 2/23/19. Three experiments were conducted: – Jack’s physiological changes experiment ([REDACTED] Great Room) – Tommy’s magnetic field experiment ([REDACTED] Great Room) – Tommy’s emotional attachment experiment ([REDACTED] Upstairs) HQ was located in the caretaker’s cottage so that we could mitigate contamination. Monitoring of video and sensor block was performed via ethernet. All environmental sensors were focused in the 1st floor west room of the [REDACTED] where Jack’s phys. and Tommy’s mag. experiments were setup. Equipment setup will be posted in a separate report, including Tommy’s coil setup.

Audio was collected using 8 microphones and digital interface. Also, a DR05 was placed in the experiment room. An Olympus recorder was placed in the 2nd floor east room of the caretaker cottage due to the odd noises coming from that location.

Video was collected using 16 cameras in the main house itself. Rain prohibited us from setting up outside surveillance. A game camera was also placed in the 2nd floor east room of the caretaker’s cottage.

We completed setup at around 7pm and broke for dinner. We returned around 8:30pm and began surveillance which lasted until around 1am.

Report #781 – Personal Report by Brad Bradley

As I was going back to the HQ to retrieve some equipment, I heard footsteps coming from the 2nd floor of that building. Later, when I went back there with Jack, we heard a voice coming from that same location. Periodically through the night we all detected movement coming from upstairs.

The computer used for the audio interface rebooted twice for no reason. Tests at home did not show this anomaly.

While leaving the building with Erin after the experiment was completed, she saw a small ball of orange-ish light play across the [REDACTED] door. I then turned to look back and saw something similar against the wall of the [REDACTED] room just outside the [REDACTED].

Report #782 – Personal Experience Report by Tommy Amos

I participated in the investigation of [REDACTED] on Saturday, February 24, 2019. During this investigation, I helped set up and take down equipment, monitor activity from base, and perform two experiments. Review of the relevant collected data for my two experiments is still pending. What follows is my personal experience report.

I arrived on site around 3:10pm. I met up with the team in the care taker’s house which is a building from 1710 that used to be connected to the main building. While monitoring from the care taker’s house, there were two incidents during the final hour of monitor in which I heard solid bangs come from the upstairs portion of the care taker’s house. There was no one upstairs during the time these bangs occurred. I left the property at approximately 1:30am.

My first experiment was an attempt to detect electromagnetic disturbances within the [REDACTED] lower great room of the main house where Jack Trammell would conduct his experiment with Erin’s assistance. This experiment will be detailed in a later report. I am not aware of any activity that was detected by this experiment at this time.

My second experiment was an attempt to elicit an emotional response from any intelligent and self aware spirit that may be present in the [REDACTED] portion of the main house. This experiment will be detailed in a later report. I am not aware of any activity that was detected by this experiment at this time.

Report #783 – Personal Experience Report by Erin Kirby

This investigation at [REDACTED] was my first investigation with CPRI. I participated in equipment setup and take down, and was the subject of an experiment to illicit and observe evidence of interactive activity using varied techniques of social instigation. The details of my experience will be included in Jack’s report with my full first-hand account included in the Primary Data Repository under “Jack’s Experiment”/archive directory, containing my heart rate data and first hand recollections.

In summary, I did not observe much activity during the experiment itself. I heard a number of pops and cracks, observable in audio/DR05_Jack_1st_[REDACTED]/archive. From time to time I heard movement or possible footsteps, all from higher floors and/or the [REDACTED] side. Early in the experiment I noticed a considerable, localized temperature drop near my right hand that I attributed to general air circulation in the home. I experienced a similar temperature change on the back of my right shoulder during the experiment, which upon further thought I categorized as natural tingling of sitting too rigidly in the very upright chair.

After the experiment, Brad, Robin and I were talking and walking towards the back door leading outside from the [REDACTED] when I observed a bright orange ball of light, around 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall, move from the bottom left pane of the door’s window slightly up and inward (within the same pane), and then back to the corner and disappear. The hue was similar to that of a jack-o-lantern, and I quickly ran to the door thinking it may have been someone coming inside, and then looking at each person’s flashlights, clothes, and light sources within the room and outside as well. Since the flashlights were LED, their hues did not match the light I saw. Additionally, although the two fixed light sources also did not match the light, I did retrace my steps, observing the spot from numerous angles trying to reproduce the sight on any part of the reflective surface. Ultimately, I was unable to identify a source, explanation, or reproduce the light that I saw. A couple of minutes later, after the excitement had settled and we begun trying once more to leave, the rest of us had actually made it out the door (which was all the way open at this point) before Brad looked back and saw the same light on the opposite wall. We were unable again to determine a cause for this light, even with the correlated data provided by our two experiences.

After midnight, Robin, Laurie, and myself decided to return to [REDACTED] from HQ to see if we could experience anything, particularly on the [REDACTED] side. In the front room with the fireplace and the rows of chairs, we stopped in our tracks and observed a prolonged conversation or singing between women. We actually waited for what felt like a minute to call it in because we were waiting for it to stop. In the end, it sounded to me almost like seagulls in pitch and “squeakiness” for lack of a better word, which could also be interpreted as childlike, perhaps even baby’s, laughter. In the same trip, we heard more movement from directly above us on both the [REDACTED] side and [REDACTED]. While Laurie was sitting in the [REDACTED] experiment room, I heard possibly a whispering or swishing, similar to what I described occurring during the experiment, but louder, confirming for me that I wasn’t imagining the sound when I was alone.

Ultimately, it was during the unfocused times in the house, when I was not alone that I experienced the most activity within [REDACTED].

I left the property at 1:41am.

Report #784 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Olympus – 2nd floor cottage, east room VN620120.wma (start 3:36pm, end 12:45am) 1:19:05 (4:55pm) – movement 1:24:21 (5pm) – movement 1:48:14 (5:24pm) – voice and bang 2:08:57 (5:45pm) – voice just as door was opened by Jack and Brad. They heard it.

Behringer System
01-190223_2015.wav (start 8:15pm, end 10:31pm) located 2nd floor hall, [REDACTED] section. 1:32:12 (9:47pm) – pop 1:56:39 (10:11pm) – low bang 2:14:38 (10:29pm) – thump
02-190223_2317.wav (start 11:17pm, end 1am) located 1st floor east room, [REDACTED] section. 55:25 (12:12am) – voices heard by team. Clip occurs right before team radios in about it.
03-190223_2015.wav (start 8:15pm, end 10:31pm) located 1st floor west room, [REDACTED] section. 1:32:10 (9:47pm) – movement?
06-190223_2317.wav (start 11:17pm, end 1am) located 2nd floor hall, [REDACTED] section. 1:06:32 (12:23am) – footsteps on 2nd floor, heard by team on 1st floor.
08-190223_2015.wav (start 8:15pm, end 10:31pm) located in [REDACTED] side. 1:43 (8:16pm) – movement

Report #785 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Geiger Counter (Brad) 6:52pm – 38cpm spike 6:55pm – 42cpm spike

Geiger Counter (Kenny 1) 7:49pm – 35cpm spike 8:38pm – 35cpm spike 9:41pm – 38cpm spike 10:16pm – 36cpm spike

Geiger Counter (Kenny 2) 5:38pm – 41cpm spike 6:29pm – 35cpm spike

Geiger Counter (Leslie) 7:01pm – 36cpm spike

10:30pm thru 11:24 – magnetic field dip and rebound on all axes.
*GOES magnetometer data indicates a large scale geomagnetic shift that correlates to this.
Several small spikes detected on all axes that correlate to radio transmissions. Radio transmission spikes are similar to previous anomalous spikes detected at other projects when no radio was around.

No accelerometer or light anomalies found.

Sensor Block
No anomalies detected.

Report #786 – Personal Report by Jack Trammell

The Correlation between Physiological Reactions and Environmental Anomalies

Jack Trammell, Ph.D. (CPRI 2019)

This study was designed to partially bridge the gap between anomalous events that can be measured scientifically, and those that are often classified as “personal experiences.” Using a volunteer test subject monitored for heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, and a controlled setting with extensive environmental instrumentation, this experiment was designed to capture both physiological and environmental data in real time simultaneously, and document co-relationships.

Dependent Variable:
The DV for this experiment was classified as an anomalous event (i.e., either a “personal experience” or an otherwise unexplained environmental change tested for statistical divergence).

Independent or Correlative Variables:
The IV or co-related variables in this experiment consisted of intentional human Interactions (see design below); triangulated temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, dew point, magnetic field, radiation, UV and visible light, vibration, GOES satellite, audio, and video data.

Hypothesis 1:
Based on past experiments and collected data in the experimental setting, there is a high likelihood of both personal experiences and environmental anomalies occurring at least once or more during the experimental time frame (1 hour and 15 minutes).

Hypothesis 2:
Based on theory and previously collected data from multiple experiments, anomalous events will have a significant correlative relationship with a subset of independent variables.

The volunteer subject was wired to monitor physiological data, and isolated in the experimental area. Baseline readings were gathered to ensure the accuracy of readings. Simultaneously, the environmental monitors were baselined, and ran before, during and after the experimental period (1 hour and 15 minutes). During the one hour and fifteen minute experimental period, the test subject was alert to his/her own experiences that were unusual (ex. feeling chilly) but also introduced a series of intentional independent actions that were closely monitored:

1st 15 minutes: The subject tried to maintain something as close to total silence as possible.

2nd 15 minutes: The subject slowly but regularly engaged in stating a series of factual sentences about the environment out loud (ex. “This part of the home was built in [REDACTED].”)

3rd 15 minutes: The subject asked interrogative questions (ex. “Is there anybody here with me?”)

4th 15 minutes: The subject engaged in “normal” conversation with colleagues at HQ about the experiment, the setting, or related matters.

5th 15 minutes: The subject engaged in near silence again.

After the experiment, the subject returned to HQ for debriefing, although all other environmental monitors continued to log data for at least another hour in the experimental setting.

During phase 1, the subject heard a number of sounds such as footsteps, pops, bangs, and swishes, many of which we recorded on audio. The subject reported being nervous, which correlated with physiological readings.

Report #787 – Personal Report by Keith Southall

Day of the week / Date: Saturday / 23 February 2019
Time In: 16:00
Time Out: 02:30
Weather: Broken cloud cover / intermittent light rain showers, light winds


The group met at the care takers house (unoccupied),  and were there upon our arrival. We were delayed as Robin was on-call and had to make several nursing calls prior to our arrival. Upon arrival we began to assist with installation of monitoring equipment. We then took up locations in the operations center located in the unoccupied care takers house, which had been an original structure to the site and later  removed from the original dwelling.

The Dwelling:
Upon arrival the dwelling was a bee hive of activity, having just hosted a [REDACTED] and immediately followed by our groups invasion in the process of setting up equipment. Once all the equipment was set the dwelling was evacuated by all and observations began in the operations center.

The Property:
After several days of rain the property was saturated the soil was unable to process the amount of rainfall and ponding was seen throughout the property, with the rains came sheeting as the rain flowed across open areas. The parking lot between the caretakers house and the dwelling was full to capacity with investigators vehicles. Walking to and from the dwelling was somewhat of an adventure due to the conditions noted above.

The Neighborhood:
The neighborhood was quite with the notation of an event in the early evening at the church diagonal to the dwelling. I am not sure what time in the night this affair concluded. Otherwise the surroundings were still for the duration of the investigation. The main dwelling sets approx. [REDACTED] feet from Rte. [REDACTED] and is approx. [REDACTED] feet from the caretakers house, the caretakers house sets approx. [REDACTED] feet distance from Rte. [REDACTED].

The Street:
The street Rte. [REDACTED], [REDACTED] in the VDOT secondary count system, has an AADT [REDACTED], as of 2009. Route presents as a low volume of traffic  route on what would be considered as rolling topography, asphalt paved marked roadway yielding a consistent low volume of traffic for the duration of the investigation. Occasional vehicles were noted in passing however due to the distance form the road to the dwelling and the caretakers house any passing traffic would not effect the investigations aside from visually due to headlights.

Notes on Proceedings:
This is another in a series of ongoing investigations of what has become a laboratory setting this particular investigation was to focus on two particular events:
1st a study conducted by Jack Trammell to record the physical effects of solitary exposure to a suspected “haunted” environment a subject would experience.
2nd a study conducted by Tommy Amos to record the effects of defamation of a known historical resident in an open attempt to illicit a response.
3rd an impromptu study conducted by Keith Southall to determine if there would be any effect on the environment by playing music attributed to the timeframe of the subject dwelling.

Prior to the beginning of the planed experiments the majority of the investigation crew took a break for dinner, leaving three investigators and the host monitor on the property all staying in the operations center to monitor the baseline of the house. During this time period occasional video anomalies were noted along with the audio anomalies which consisted of picking up what appeared to be a local Christian broadcasting station which featured a sermon and a situational theatrical program focusing on a Christmas timeframe. This anomaly was later attributed to audio set up variances in the dwellings monitoring equipment. More activity appeared to be noted in the personal experiences of the crew in the operations center with various sounds being heard on the second floor of that structure, investigation proved no personnel were in the upstairs area yet repeated sounds were noted by many of the staff on hand.

The experiment # 1 was completed over 1 1/4 hours with intermittent quite times and auditable segments interspersed, the subject was monitored for physical changes by establishing a baseline blood pressure, pulse, and breath rate, a brief medical background was established to include current medical prescriptions and any over the counter medications which my cause know differences in baseline data. The subject was again tested at the end of the study period to determine changes. All study data will reflect findings.
The experiment # 2 was completed over a similar duration and included the physical presence of a photoshoped photograph of a prominent historical resident placed on the upstairs landing in the modern side of the dwelling, the image was remotely monitored for changes, this was incorporated with a vocal condemnation of the photographs existence by Tommy in a effort to establish a degree of shame on the subject matter.
The experiment # 3 was completed over the end of the evening and developed as a result of recent reports of the investigation team over the course of the evening that movement could be heard in the modern portion of the dwelling a reported “swoosh” as if that of a dress while walking was reported. This experiment composed of Keith Southall setting a cellular telephone in the modern portion of the dwelling (area behind the [REDACTED] wall) playing music popular during the early time of the main dwelling played at volume so as to be heard throughout the dwelling, in hopes of provoking a response. Results of this will be determined by the monitoring equipment.

Thoughts on the Investigation:
I believe that all three experiments have a level of plausibility and that each should continue to be developed in order to refine the process and approach of each.
I firmly believe that activity increased as the investigation drew to a close, and that the caretakers house itself could be the subject of a more in-depth investigation as it has its own story and no doubt secrets to share.

I feel that the property has more to offer than we are able to digest at this point. We may not have struck the cord needed to play the theme of this dwelling, but I am a firm believer that this is a location that  is a stable platform for more experimentation and that we should use this as a training ground and a laboratory in the development of future investigators and that experiments of all and any type should be tested here.

Report #788 – Personal Report by Mike Magner

Time Test: [REDACTED], 23 Feb 2019 6 identical brand digital clocks were deployed throughout [REDACTED] from about 4:30pm to 01:20 am

These clocks do not show the Seconds, so video was taken of the clocks changing over from one minute to the next to see if there was any time drift between the 6 clocks. Video was taken at 4:20pm and 1:20am.

Clocks were deployed as follows:
1. HQ (Caretaker’s House – Separate building from [REDACTED])
2. 1665 Side, 1st Floor, NW Corner of the “Great Room” (Western most room)
3. 1665 Side, 1st Floor, NE Corner of the “Great Room” (Western most room)
4. 1854 Side, 1st Floor, South East room of the First Floor
5. 1665 Side, 1st Floor, SE Corner of the “Great Room” (Western most room)
6. 1854 Side, 2nd Floor Landing

The results of this run were negative. No time drift was seen during the time measured.

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