Case status: Open
Case date: Oct 30, 2018
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #749 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

CPRI was asked to handle tours for [REDACTED] events on 10/13/18 and 10/27/18. Data was collected as if these were actual research projects.

Surry, VA 23883





Report #751 – Equipment Setup by Brad Bradley

DVR Cameras – Brad’s 8 cameras were placed in the [REDACTED] side of the building, 1 in each room of the 1st and 2nd floors, 2 in the basement and two in the [REDACTED]. Mike’s 4 cameras were placed in the [REDACTED] side, 3 inside and one on the back porch facing the slave quarters.

Audio – DR05 was in the [REDACTED] for a live monitor, DR05 on the 2nd floor [REDACTED], Olympus recorders in both the basement and 1st floor [REDACTED], tablet placed on 2nd floor [REDACTED]. DR05 also placed in slave quarters.

Dataloggers – Sensor block, Geiger counter placed in [REDACTED]. Tablet, Geiger counter placed on 2nd floor hallway [REDACTED]. HT dataloggers placed in basement, 1st and 2nd floor [REDACTED] and 2nd floor hallway [REDACTED].

Gamecams were placed in slave quarters.

HQ was in [REDACTED].

Report #752 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

DR05 Live Monitor in [REDACTED]

181027_232.wav (start 5:58:00pm, end 9:20:48pm)

181027_233.wav (start 9:20:48pm, end 12:22:07pm)
1:29:29 (10:50pm) – children laughing

Report #753 – Children Laughing by Sandra Ange

On the last tour let by Rick, after we entered the [REDACTED], we had some historical questions asked. As the [REDACTED] rep was providing the information, we heard what sounded like a child squeal, then giggle. As we tried to determine which direction the sound came from, one of the guests said it sounded like it was right next to her left ear. She was sitting against the right wall (looking from the stairs). After the [REDACTED] when I was in the ladies room, the person in the stall next to me made some noise, and I asked if she was OK?. She said she just dropped her cell phone, and that she was still a little shaken from hearing the children laughing.

Added from Rick: While up in the [REDACTED], the [REDACTED] was answering a question when I heard what sounded like children laughing outside and in front of the house. The sound then seem to move from the front room to the side room, then into the [REDACTED] itself. The sound wasn’t consistent in volume but carried a bit. The sound then became very localized and seem to stop behind me next to the trifield meter on the wall. I looked in that direction and it sounded very localized in that one spot before dissipating.

The best analogy I give is this: someone carrying, suspending a small, invisible speaker from a wire and it rotating on its axis while moving and producing sound. The sound then stopped at one localized point and seemed to be directed in my direction before dissipating.

It sounded like two to three small children, ages two to four, laughing and giggling. When the sound stopped at that one point, I heard a squeal similar to what a small child makes when tickled. The laughter then dissipated.

There was one lady sitting in a chair next the sound. She looked directly at that one spot next to the meter. Her eyes widened and she looked very disturbed at what she heard. It upset her a great deal. That’s all she talked about during the remainder of the [REDACTED].

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