Case status: Open
Case date: Sep 7, 2018
Location: Roanoke, VA
Identity: Private
Site classification: Business

Report #733 – Initial Report by Mike Magner

The team investigated a [REDACTED] in Roanoke, VA at the request of the owner. The [REDACTED] was built inside a home that was previously a resident. The owner stated that the previous resident, “[REDACTED],” died in the house from cancer at the age of 39, about [REDACTED] years ago. The house was purchased at an estate sale and converted to the [REDACTED], which provides a variety of [REDACTED] services.

The owner reported that strange phenomenon occurred in the house that was witnessed by several of the girls that work there. However, the owner stated that the strange occurrences only happen when she is present in the building. She further stated that when she is alone in the house in the evening she feels the previous owner’s presence standing behind her while she is working at her computer. She reported hearing a man’s voice in the house on 3 separate previous occasions when no one else was present in the house. Women who work at the business have reported lights flickering or dimming and brightening, light switches turning on by themselves, and items falling off [REDACTED] that were too far from the edge to fall off by themselves. One particular incident of interest – a [REDACTED] reported that a girl who was present in the room while mommy was [REDACTED] saw a ghostly figure of a man in the corner of the room and pointed this figure out to her mommy and the [REDACTED], but the 2 adult women saw or heard nothing. The little girl, however, seemed to be having a full conversation with the invisible figure.

On Sep 1st, 2018, I, and the rest of the team, arrived at the house for the research project at around 6pm. We set up 8 cameras (2 in the front [REDACTED] area, and 2 in each of the [REDACTED] rooms), several audio recorders, humidity/temperature (HT) data loggers, several portable clocks, and Mike’s new microphones and audio mixer system on the main floor. Tommy also set up a sensor block and an audio recorder in the basement. The microphones were set up on both ends of the [REDACTED] and were live-monitored from base. Tommy’s DR05 in the basement was also live-monitored from base. Of the 8 cameras, only 4 were able to be monitored from HQ, due to limitations in wire lengths. The 4 cameras included 2 in the [REDACTED], and 2 in [REDACTED].

During the research period, the team heard multiple clicks, bangs, taps, bumps and other noises from both the main floor and the basement through the speakers in the headquarters when there was nobody in the house.

At 9pm (2100), the owner agreed to go into the house and sit at the [REDACTED] and go through the motions of working on her computer while the team observed from HQ. While she was at [REDACTED], she heard various bangs, and sounds of footsteps, etc. In most cases, the team in HQ could hear these same noises from the microphones and DR05 that were being live-monitored. In most of these cases, the team heard the noises and made note of them before the owner spoke up and reported them. In other cases, the owner seemed to react to noises that the team had heard by holding very still and trying to listen closely. The owner was in view of the camera during this session, although her legs and feet were not in view. From what the team could tell, the owner did not appear to be faking any of the noises. I was of the impression that she was being sincere in what she reported.

Later we sent the owner’s female friend into the house to join the owner. The team monitored the two women for a while in the same fashion. Later the 2 Amandas from the team joined the two women. One of the Amandas went to the basement with the 2 women while the other Amanda sat at the [REDACTED]. While the women were downstairs, all 3 women reported that they felt a “heaviness” in the air around them that made it hard to breath. At the same time, the K-2 Meter that Tommy had lent them lit up all the way to the max level that the instrument is designed to measure (i.e., all green, yellow and red lights lit up). When the women went back upstairs the K-2 meter pegged to the max again at the top of the stairs and stayed at the max for a while. (Later that evening, I did a full sweep of both areas with the K-2 meter and did not detect and EMF. Later still, Helene repeated the sweep with a TriField Meter and did not find much electrical activity. The only “hot spots” for electromagnetic field were a few inches away from the phone and computer on the [REDACTED], and within a foot of the light switch in the stairwell.)

At one point in the evening, I was in the house with the owner and her friend. I went down to the basement with the 2 women for a few minutes. The basement seemed to be all quiet so we went back upstairs. Within a few moments of being back upstairs, I heard 2 very loud knocks coming from the basement. We went back down to the basement but found nothing unusual.

The team collected a lot of audio data that will take a significant amount of time to complete. Data files posted on dropbox at the following link: [REDACTED]

Report #734 – Follow-up Report #1

As of 6 Sep 18: I’m only part way through the Audio/Video analysis from the [REDACTED]. During the 61 minutes from 21:00 to 22:01, I have found 23 instances of sound events that were recorded by the DR05 that was positioned at the [REDACTED]. Such noises include thumps, bumps, bangs, taps, clicks, and footstep noises – and this is discounting all noises that I have ruled out as being caused by people in the building, the air conditioning, and other human technology. Most of these noises were heard by people in the building and/or heard at HQ through live monitoring.

However, so far in the analysis, I have not found anything that could be definitely classified as “paranormal” in nature, such as “ghostly voices,” nor does there appear to be any evidence of intelligence behind the knocks or taps. (In other words, none of them seem to be in response to a human action, statement or question.) In fact, the high number of random sound events recorded more than likely points to a natural cause. Houses and buildings heat up during the daytime and expand and then at night cool off and contract. This process is likely the cause of the vast majority of sounds heard. However, much analysis remains to be completed before any conclusions are fully drawn.

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