Fantasy Prone Personality

Scientists – especially UFO researchers believe there is a high correlation between people who experience paranormal phenomena and their type of personality. A study was conducted by a couple of scientists that defined a new type of personality known as the Fantasy Prone Personality type. Scientists developed a set of metrics to use to determine if someone did fall into the FPP personality type. Initial research has shown that people who are FPP will have more “paranormal” experiences simple because they imagine them. Also many FPP people already have a strong belief in the paranormal and are more likely to prefer a paranormal explanation.

Listed below are a sample of the metrics used to determine if someone suffers from FPP. Please note this designation has NOT been accepted by the mental health community and you will not find it listed in the DSM-V.

Some of the key characteristics of fantasy prone persons are (Wilson 1983, Basterfield 1988):

  • They are easy to hypnotize
  • As children they played in a fantasy world
  • They believed in fairies, guardian angels, etc.
  • As children they had invisible playmates
  • Even as adults they spent a significant part of their time fantasizing
  • They often believe they have psychic abilities
  • Most have had out-of-body experiences
  • They often believe they have healing powers
  • They are subject to hypnagogic experiences
  • They have very vivid dreams
  • They have good memories
  • They receive messages from unknown forces

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