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On 27 April, 2002 I participated in a VGHRS investigation of “Salubria”,
To date, this investigation was significantly more complex, comprehensive and intricate than any previous inquest of paranormal activity conducted by the VGHRS. My sincere thanks to Jim Hale and William for there abstruse and inclusive knowledge. This possible haunting was examined in every aspect of visual and audible technique available, and extensive techniques of calculating and measuring energy were also implemented.

Infrared, thermal, as well as digital cameras and recorders were used and most inspected by computer imaging. All spectrums of sound, audible and inaudible were recorded with a variety of devices designed specifically for certain ranges of frequency, many of which were far beyond the possible range of human hearing. The audio tapes are presently being examined by Jim. Electro magnetic field readings were taken with a variety of devices, the results of which will be included in susequent member reports.

Circled CoinA simple method of determining spiritual intelligence and interaction used by a research group In England was implemented with amazing results. Additionally, “bio energy” techniques were used to measure energy levels within the structure. Digital temperature readings were also taken, the results of which remain unknown at this time.

Four field investigators, three regional directors, and the VGHRS founder participated in the inquiry for approximately seven hours. The most cogent activity occurred marginally before and post midnight. The ambient temperature was 58 degrees with consistent rain.

The investigation was conducted under a full moon.

The fully charged batteries in my cellular phone, tape recorder, and vhsc recorder where instantly abated at this location, Mark also lost his fully charged digital recorder battery. This is a widely accepted indication of paranormal activity.

It must be implied that these investigations may be compared or associated with meeting a person for the first time. Consequently, like meeting someone for the first time one may forget them the next day and some you will never forget.

The Salubria inquiry represented an opportunity for me to further surmount some very personal and very painful paradigms as a person. Our emotions remain such a large part of whom we are or conceive ourselves to be from the smallest measure of moment to moment.

Here is a summary of my findings, dated 28 April, 2002. . .

“Salubria” is a Latin word which literally interpreted means “safe and healthy”. It is important to enter this sort of inquiry with little more information than this as none of us can conceivably know what we may discover in the process of a paranormal investigation.

As is so often the situation, navigating such an ancient location as Salubria can create or present a substantial amount of confusion in regards to origin, that is to say: the location which a particular incident occurred 200+ years ago may presently appear as a simple patch of grass or at best a structure which was erected quite sometime after any significant events occurred which may warrant the unfortunate remains of spirits or entities lacking closure from this world or reality to the next. Rooms are re-assigned, walls moved, et cetra. A lonely stone, an opening in the forest, an inconsistency in the landscape, to decipher and document these situations in real time is a difficult endeavor.

It never fails to amaze me, the hidden rules of probable outcome. There is a substantial amount of information regarding this possible haunting and the history of the house as well. I avoid studying in-depth preliminary reports as, “to know is to avert or create”, If you ponder this for a few moments, it applies not only to this field of expertise, but life as well.

I was amazed at the correlation between our findings and the history of the location.

Salubria is located in Culpeper County, Virginia, built in 1742 by Reverend John Thompson of Belfast Ireland. As best we can determine the home originally consisted of four bedrooms, a parlor, study, dining room and indoor kitchen. All that remains of the “summer kitchen” is the rock foundation. There are two cemeteries on the property as well. The structure appears to be of post and beam construction and remains in remarkably sound condition.

It is reported that Rev. Thompson’s wife, “Lady Spottswood”, has been observed in real time as an apparition. Also, foot steps are heard in the upstairs hallway which is suspected to be her son “Robert Spottswood” treading in his moccasin, the only personal effect recovered from his death while serving under Washington In 1755 and kept as a family relic. To the best of my knowledge, the grave of “Lady Spottswood” is unknown – sharing the same fate as her son.

It is also documented that a “Mrs. Hansborough” committed suicide by hanging herself in one of the upstairs bedrooms, the motive or situation surrounding the suicide remains unknown. I suspect the hanging was executed from the top of a wardrobe which in that period of time where seven plus feet tall and very heavy. The small doorways of the house would indicate the occupants were somewhat short relative to today’s standards.

I feel there exists a very curious, interacting entity within this location based upon the following summary …. Also, this presence may or may not be directly related to legend or historical premise. Additionally, the presence seems to emanate a mature disposition.

A research group Bobbie corresponds with in England uses a simple technique to gauge interaction or intelligence of possible entities. An object is placed on a piece of paper, out lined with a marker, and placed in “high energy” locations. Next, the house is quietly and softly vacated and sealed. The objects are often moved or disappear completely. To implement this technique, I used two very personal objects: A coin dated the year of my birth and a ring.

I felt/feel a conspicuous amount of energy in five locations within the house.

One) The north and east corners of the dinning area.
Two) The east wall of the parlor.
Three) The north west upstairs bedroom in general.
Four) The east wall of Lady Spottswood’s bedroom.
Five ) The interior stairs leading upstairs/downstairs.

One – The north and east corners of the dinning area:

Here was a feeling of happiness and significant pressure from two corners of the room. I placed the ring in this room and also set-up Jim’s ultrasonic amplifier to record sounds beyond the range of human hearing. Upon returning to this location 30 minutes later. The ring had moved approximately of an Inch outside of the black outline. The floors are very solid in this house and I do not consider vibratory effects an issue. Jim is analyzing the audio tape and will submit his findings.

Two – The east wall of the parlor:

This location had a tremendous amount of pressure (energy) I am curious what the EMF readings will reveal.

Three – The north west upstairs bedroom:

Here was the emotion of shock and tragedy. I am certain the suicide occurred in this location. Several 35 mm photos were taken and I will submit the results upon development and examination.

Four – The east wall of Lady Spottswood’s bedroom:

The coin was placed here and audible remote microphone placed. Upon returning to this room, the coin was moved a full 3/16 – inch. This was an amazing discovery, which visually disturbed one of the field investigators. Jim is analyzing the audio tape and I have video of the coin. Vibration is not an issue in this location. Mark captured what appears to be multi directional, intelligent, and structured orb movement in this exact location.

Five – The interior stairs:

Stairs are always interesting as their sole function in reality is movement. I took several photos of the stairs and will have additional information in the immediate future. There appears to be some “connection” between this location and the possible location of the suicide. In the follow-up investigation of this property, I hope to explore this in greater detail.

Additionally, five team members including myself heard distinct and consistent footsteps (independently and as a group) in the unoccupied upstairs area of the hallway. This concurs remarkably with legend. The footsteps were also recorded on audio. As previously stated, the floors of this location are extremely stable and I observed noise and slight structural movement only in the staircase. The location has a full time care taker and there was absolutely no evidence of any animal inhabitation anywhere within the house.

Bobbie heard a distinct female voice which was also captured on audio tape.

There remains a tangible amount of collected information which has not been examined, specifically photos and audio tape. I am certain this information will expedite our decision as a research group regarding the validity of this possible haunting.

It is my professional opinion that on the particular night of the investigation, an intelligent presence did in fact interact with the group. It is also worthy to note; this is my first positive conclusion while aligned with the VGHRS.

I am certain a subsequent investigation will be scheduled.

In conclusion, I wish to dedicate my experiences at “Salubria” as follows:…………

First – To a special person and very old soul … I pray you find what you seek… The winds of fall whisper many things…

Second – To my old friend and noted martial artist… Mr. Alan McCoy, whom recently died so tragically and needlessly…God’s speed my friend…You deserved better.

Any questions or comments regarding this synopsis may be forwarded to my e-mail address darrin@virginiaghosts.com

Cum amor-levis, ego maneo …
Darrin Scott Wilson
VGHRS Regional Director, Central Virginia

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