Case status: Open
Case date: Oct 28, 2019
Location: Surry, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #850 – Initial Post by Brad Bradley

CPRI was asked to handle tours for [REDACTED] events on 10/12/18 and 10/26/18. Data was collected as if these were actual research projects.

[REDACTED] Address:
Surry, VA 23883




Report #851 – Personal Experience Report by Erin Kirby

The second set of tours for [REDACTED] at [REDACTED] began at 7:30 PM.

I went as a sweeper for two tours led by Alan.

Due to the amount of people, it was difficult to isolate any activity at the time within the main building.

After Alan’s second tour, the two of us decided to head to the Caretaker’s house due to earlier reports of it being active as well as having less foot traffic. While there, I thought I heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the second floor.
We also both heard what sounded like a vocalization coming from the dining and kitchen area.

Later, during teardown, Richard looked into the occurrence, along with Brad and Alan, and we all determined that the sounds I heard were due to a rattling window pane from the wind.

The vocalization does not appear to have an explanation.

Report #854 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

Phone, 2nd floor, cottage
Recording_13.wav (Start 3:45:00pm, end 1:15:15pm)
3:52:51 (7:37pm) – movement
3:58:17 (7:43pm) – bang
***Window was thumping in lower tones throughout the night. However, there were instances where the sound had a distinctly different tone and spectra, similar to our footsteps in that same room.***
7:48:08 (11:33pm) – laugh? Right about the time team reported odd vocalization. Doesn’t seem to match either Allen or Erin.

DR05, 2nd Floor, [REDACTED] side
191026_0267.wav (Start 5:32:00pm, End 8:54:48pm)

191026_0268.wav (Start 8:54:48pm, End 12:15:36pm)
41:05 (9:35pm) – low voice. Mike had just mentioned picking up a child’s voice two weeks ago.
3:09:33 (12:03am) – moan behind conversation. Heard by team and public.

191026_0269.wav (Start 12:15:36pm, End 12:39:50pm)

Report #855 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

Tablet, 2nd floor, [REDACTED] side
– Magnetometer indicated multiple small deflections on all axes over the entire surveillance period. These were not indicated by the magnetometer in the EDI. This could be due to a lack of sensitivity of the EDI magnetometer.

Phone, 2nd floor, cottage
– Accelerometer indicated 3 large deflections on all three axes and do not match readings taken when doors were slammed by us upon entering and exiting the cottage.

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