Case status: Open
Case date: February 3, 2018
Location: King George, VA
Identity: Public
Site classification: Historic

Report #679 – Preproject Planning by Brad Bradley


[REDACTED] King George, VA 22485



​The project outline is listed below. We will only be focusing on the [REDACTED] this time. Be aware that there will be some cold weather out there.

​3pm – Arrival and equipment unload

3:30pm – Setup HQ and static equipment

6pm – Dinner break

7:30pm – Begin surveillance

​Our HQ is supposed to be located at the far end of the basement of the [REDACTED]. However, that may have to change if there is too much catering equipment in that room. Be prepared to be flexible in moving to another room in the basement if necessary. We will load in our equipment through the basement door if at all possible to avoid the front door.

​Static equipment setup:

​DVR cameras – Kenny’s DVR cameras will be placed in each room of the 1st and 2nd floors of the [REDACTED] with one in the attic this time. If any are left, we will be placing them in the basement rooms.

​Audio recorders – We will be placing a live monitor recorder on the second floor landing. I would also like an audio recorder in as many rooms as possible based on availability.

​Dataloggers – I would like to place a geiger counter datalogger in the basement, one in the attic, one on the 2nd floor and one in a room designated for Jack’s experiment. I will probably live monitor the one in that room. We will need Mike’s HT dataloggers in the room designated for Jack’s experiment as they will play a key role. I will place a phone datalogger for magnetic field, light and vibration in the attic. I will place a tablet datalogger for magnetic field, vibration and light in the room designated for Jack’s experiment. We may place other dataloggers as availability and time is determined.

​Jack’s Experiment – Jack’s experiment will require a room with multiple DR05 audio recorders and environmental dataloggers. We will determine which room would be best for this upon arrival. Jack will provide instructions for setting up the experiment.

Report #681 – Initial Report by Mike Magner

​I arrived at [REDACTED] around 4:10pm on 3 Feb 2018 and participated in the research project until we wrapped up around midnight. We took lots of pictures, inside and out of the main building and set up a lot of equipment, to include audio, video, and environmental sensors throughout the house, with a lot of equipment focused on the upper floor master bedroom on the right side of the building as viewed from the front.

​During the research project I had no personal experiences other than being witness to unexplained noises in the attic floor, and being present when Kenny felt his beard being touched (for lack of a better explanation).

​Many of the noises seemed to be coming from the attic floor – mostly bangs and thumps, and possible some musical notes. Of interest – at least 1 or 2 of the bangs from the attic seemed to in response to Kenny’s knocks on the floor in various rooms. At this point, however, it is hard to say whether the noises in the attic have a paranormal cause to them. There are 2 water heaters, and a large HVAC system located on the attic floor that likely contribute a fair amount of noises that are heard in the house.

​A thorough review of the data that was collected should tell us more.

Report #682 – Initial Report by Helene Hannan

​From HQ, we heard frequent thumps from the attic and other indistinct sounds, but the sounds could be from the attic HVAC and water heater and from an old house settling. While Rhonda and I were sitting still in the experiment room with Mike who was standing still downloading his datalogger, the three of us heard what sounded like footsteps outside the room – seemed to be from the attic. We searched for signs of animal life in the attic crawl spaces but did not see, hear or smell any animals or droppings.

Unlike the previous investigation at [REDACTED], there were no scratches on my body before, during and immediately after this investigation.

Report #683 – Initial Report by John Trammell

During setup, Kenny and I had several incidents of mysterious technology failure and then non-failure that defied immediate explanation.

The attic was a source of various types of noise throughout the night.

​Initial analysis of the [REDACTED] experiment shows some interesting EMF anomalies that will need further study.

Report #684 – Email by John Trammell

​Hey guys here are a couple of important things:

During the experiment, sites 4 and 5 had only a whistle barely discernible; for sites 6 and 7, nothing was discernible. Clearly, mid-range frequencies get lost with distance in the house.

Secondly, when Kenny knocked in the second floor foyer, we heard 3 distinct knocks in response at HQ (according to Brad’s walkie call). There was NOTHING on the DR-05, and Kenny and crew didn’t hear it. The implication, if these events are connected, is that “hearing” may not work the same way for whatever we are interacting with or measuring. It may hear us, but we may not hear it. Because we can’t bracket the entire house, we may be missing many micro responses all the time. (Not likely, but still possible). This highlights the importance of controlling finite areas as fully as possible.


Report #685 – Datalogger Analysis by Brad Bradley

​Geiger Counters showed no anomalies, including the one next to the EMF and ENV dataloggers at the foot of the bed in the 2nd floor North Bedroom.

​EMF Datalogger At Foot Of Bed, 2nd_N_BR:

7:51pm – Small EMF spike which correlates to audible noise in room in response to knocking in the hall.

​ENV Datalogger At Foot Of Bed, 2nd_N_BR:

7:51pm – small blip in humidity which correlates to EMF spike above.

​HT Dataloggers Around Room, 2nd_N_BR:

No anomalies were detected that could not be explained.

​Tablet, Attic:

No anomalous vibration or magnetic field anomalies were detected.

Report #686 – Audio Analysis by Brad Bradley

​Live Monitor DR05 In Attic:

180203_0205.wav (start 4:49:30pm, end 8:12:18pm)

1:13:36 (6:03pm) – voice in background.

1:46:32 (6:36pm) – movement while team leaving to eat. Car noises outside are muffled.

2:11:26 (7:01pm) – movement

2:16:06 (7:06pm) – voice, prominent

3:03:14 (7:53pm) – thump/click, footstep? after 3 knock experiment on 2nd floor.

3:10:20 (8:00pm) – multipitch whistle, response to experiment?

​180203_0205.wav (start 8:12:18pm, end 11:35:06pm)

***Start 8:19:01pm on log***

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