CPRI is always looking for particular skill sets in potential members to assist in explaining a range of possibilities for unusual, potentially paranormal events, or to aid in cataloging such information that cannot be conventionally quantified. At present, CPRI has members with backgrounds and active careers in physics, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, active law enforcement, crime scene investigations, engineering, electricians, architects, behavioral psychologists, historical researchers, as well as medical field experts. This diverse assemblage of dedicated investigators is a key reason for why the CPRI stands out above so many other paranormal investigative groups, both locally and nationally. CPRI has been described as the most professional investigative and scientific research organization outside of a traditional university setting. We take great pride in that description and look to expand upon this image and be not just one of the leaders in scientific paranormal research and investigation, but to continue to raise the bar for protocols used in the field.

What we do is by no means glamorous. The majority of what we do can be considered dull and repetitious. Background investigations into events, people, and buildings and data analysis typically take up a large amounts of our time. There will be times when you can go through a home from top-to-bottom and get no abnormal readings or data at all. There will be times when you will work outside in the cold for hours at a stretch. There will be times when you will have to sit through 8 hours of investigation video and audio, looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack—only to find nothing remotely paranormal. Actual onsite investigations and data collection only comprise perhaps 25 percent of our overall operations. Having said all of this, though, there will be occasions when you do find something of consequence, contributing to the field in a very fundamental way.

So, while you do not need a Ph.D. in parapsychology, “rocket science,” or be a 15 year veteran of a local police department to join CPRI, the standards we set to join our investigative team are intentionally rather lofty. Our professionalism, manner in which we approach the paranormal, and thus our reputation are extremely important to us. We approach each potential investigation and enter the homes and businesses of our clients with the utmost respect, discretion, and objectivity. Ultimately, each CPRI investigator represents the entire group with their demonstrated demeanor and investigative skill. When experiencing a potential paranormal event, we need to observe, record, and report our findings, cross referencing as much scientific data, “context,” and background information as possible, which is why we purposefully seek out members with skill sets that can contribute meaningfully to this process.

All applicants MUST have all of the following:

1) Must possess a strong, established background in an area of need.

CPRI stands in a very select group of organizations as each of our members have backgrounds in science, medicine, engineering, audio/video, research or various law enforcement investigative areas. Other groups utilize “Average Joe’s” to conduct their investigations. These people do have a legitimate yearning to understand paranormal issues, but often times they lack the necessary skill set to properly understand and document the science beyond and behind the investigation. A patient in a hospital doesn’t want an auto mechanic performing surgery on them. They want a surgeon. CPRI is serious about the investigations and research we conduct, and offer only professionals to conduct all our operations.

2) Must be willing to sacrifice a good amount of free-time.

As any head of an organization will tell you, complex operations such as ours can soak up your time and energy, and we promise you this will be the case. All potential members will need to be willing to volunteer time on a regular basis, fielding any questions from the public, requests for investigations and performing the day-to-day operations for the organization. This sacrifice will lessen over time, but the demand upon your time will be large.

3) Must be professional and have a serious demeanor.

The most important resource CPRI has at its disposal is our reputation. The feedback we receive from our clients and the professional manner in which we address each issue is of the utmost importance to us. We’re serious about what we do and how we conduct ourselves. Never will you see us joking around while on an investigation. We don’t want goofballs or people who have what we call the “Halloween-time interest” in the paranormal. If that is what you are looking for, we can refer you to many other groups.

4) Must be willing to adhere to all standards and protocols.

CPRI has an established set of protocols which we take with us into the field and utilize while on an investigation. This set of protocols is constantly being improved and new standards are being introduced. It is required that Regional Directors demand these protocols be followed on all investigations.

Investigators must also meet the following:

  • 18 years of age or older. 
  • Absence of a criminal background (A VSP background check will be performed).
  • Eventual ownership or ready access to relevant investigation “hardware” (to include items such as electromagnetic detection equipment, audio/video equipment, digital and 35mm cameras) and extensive experience with their use—especially in difficult environments. 
  • Maturity and reliability.
  • Objectivity (not predisposed to accept unusual events as either paranormal or mundane). 
  • Take and pass required investigative courses. 
  • Maintain confidentiality of all investigations and other sensitive matters that can compromise the privacy of our clients or CPRI’s operations.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Attend 2 preliminary investigations under supervision (if available).
  • Attend 1 full scale investigation (if available). 
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Have your employment and education verified. 

What we are NOT looking for:

  • Psychics or mediums.
  • People who just “want to see a ghost”. 
  • Mystics/metaphysicists (personal belief structures not withstanding). 
  • Immature people who do not take direction well. 
  • People who think all paranormal activity must be the result of/caused by something “evil,” “God,” or “insert preconceived notion here” (this is a direct reflection of objectivity).

If you think you meet the membership qualifications please fill out the form located at the link below. Questions should be directed to Jack Trammel, Chair of the Membership Committee at :

Membership Application