Tommy Amos

Tommy joined the CPRI in January, 2001.

Tommy was born and raised in Franklin County, Virginia. He is married and has three wonderful daughters. He lives in Botetourt county and serves the western region of Virginia.

Tommy became interested in the world of the paranormal during his early teens. After discovering that there were few chances to make a comfortable living in the paranormal field, his interest took him into the field of electronics, where he spent twelve years working as a broadcast engineer with Blue Ridge Public Television in Roanoke, VA. Tommy’s strong interest in computers has ultimately culminated in his current career in computer technology with Virginia Western Community College. Tommy intends to use his background in electronics and computers to pursue his continued interest in paranormal phenomena.

Tommy’s personal experiences before becoming a member of the CPRI include Poltergeist activity, Astral projection, Possession and Angelic intervention. Tommy believes there are intertwining truths between Christian Fundamentalism, Pure Science and Paranormal Phenomena and he intends to continually search for them.

Tommy’s eyes have been opened to many things during he time he has served as a member of the CPRI team. After many personal experiences while researching many sites over the years, Tommy believes that he has a greater understanding of the spiritual world. Tommy uses that understanding to assist families with situations that most others would not believe.